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And he’s not the only one under observation – one aspiring model claims Marciano assaulted her and never hired her, but “passed her on” to his buddy Mohammed Hadid, who also assaulted her. Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News Victoria Beckham is in New York for her Fashion Week presentation and her kids are all in the city at the same time.

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Back in October when Weinstein accusations were exploding, Heidi only made vague comments about the fact that every business had sexual predators, and that was all she had to say…so far.

Through the years these two have been stuck to one another like white on rice and her fame rubbed off on her pal.

They’ve been roomies, have worked together on set, and even launched a business venture together. After years of being sober, the less famous friend has fallen HARD off the wagon and our gal doesn’t know what to do.

The boys skated circles around little Harper, who managed to laugh every time she fell down.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA Pompous action actor Steven Seagal, 65, has been accused of sexual assaults dating back over two decades.

She’s hosted an intervention, hired an addiction specialist, and even threatened to end the friendship, but nothing seems to work. It must be fun having Frances Cobain (daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love) for a girlfriend.

It’s almost like winning the lottery for her musician boyfriend of one year, Matthew Cook.

Above, Macho Tom doing yet another stunt for Mission Impossible 6 We love every one of Harvey Weinstein’s female accusers – but what about the actresses who AREN’T talking?

One actress who won an Oscar in the 90’s has been CONSPICUOUSLY SILENT about the casting couch scandal.

Cook is lead singer in the band with his younger twin brothers. Frances’s divorce from her other musician husband was just finalized in November.

Meanwhile Matt is enjoying meals at fancy places and luxury vacations in Hawaii (photo above) with his wealthy girlfriend.

Rosie gave birth to their little boy Jack last June but she looks none the worse for wear.

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