Bible study ideas for dating couples

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This can cause us to lose sight of the significant gifts of kindness and service our spouse gives us every day.If our attitude is critical or negative, we will miss much of the joy of married life.

Consider downloading all ten as a cornucopia of topics for your Sunday school, small group, or for personal study. It's great to know that sex was God's idea in the first place.

When you are ready to break the ice, have everyone draw a name.

They are to keep the name they drew secret and if they choose their own name, they must put it back and choose another.

Once you have your sheet created, you can use it multiple times.

Create an autograph sheet with lines and 15 to 20 different statements that some of the people in the room can do, but probably not most of them.

Our main purpose in marriage should be much greater than fulfilling our own wants and needs, or even the wants and needs of our spouse.

Our main purpose in marriage should be to focus on being of the same mind, according to Jesus, so that with one accord and one voice we glorify God. How can the marriage relationship help make us holy? Redeeming Sports After sex, sports probably sells next best, even in Bible studies.

Give each person a card from a deck without letting seeing the card and place it on the forehead, allowing all to see.

The players can then advise each other to change cards. King or Ace) to change to another card, because the person with the smallest card loses. The winner is the last player left – the one with the smallest card.

Vibrant Christians want little to do with it, and instead focus on spiritual disciplines, works of mercy, and authentic Christian living.

Icebreakers for Christian gatherings help participants of every age relax and get ready for study, fun, or fellowship.

That's when our single-session studies come in handy.