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Eric stein jessica hughbanks dating - Sex chat a few credits

This thread is a dedication to the real life pairing of Jessica Hughbanks and Eric Stein. Yeah you're playing a game, but it's also good to have some fun too.

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– Alex Why I love Jessica & Eric: J is for their joyous celebration after Jess' 1st HOH win E is for Eric's move to Kansas S is for streaking and the numerous times Eric did it S is for the strong tie of loyalty they had to each other I is for the intimate bond they shared C is for chatting through the night and way past sunrise A is for America's Player - no one could have done it better & E is for the endless rounds of beer pong R is for ring pops and Jessica's future proposal I is for the immeasurable amount of fun they brought to the BB house C is for the charming, sweet, lovable, intelligent, competitive, strong, respectful, funny, real, and genuine duo of Jessica Hughbanks & Eric Stein –Eva From the very first episode Eric was my favorite. I truly hope that these two will continue to bond and grow together. I wasn’t even about them winning the game that kept me tuned it, it was wondering what will happen after the game is over. Every episode I'd wait for them to have some segment on Jess and Eric, never came till I think week 4. I wasn't to sure about Jessica in the first episode, but I got the feeds right away and as the 1st week went on I realized she was awesome and they were just giving her horrible edits.I never had and I probably never will have the opportunity to see two other people develop such a strong bond such as theirs that has transcended into the real world.

Every day they have invited us into their lives and it was always a pleasure.They have made their way into our hearts and we want to thank them for giving us a fantastic summer. – Tiff I, along with many others, had the chance to witness them grow close from mere strangers to America's sweethearts within two months.---Thank You--- We would like to thank Marie first, for her constant presence for many of our threads, keeping us updated and discussing the game along with us. We saw them slowly develop this amazing connection that is worth more than all the money in the world. The feelings they developed for one another were raw and real. They weren’t just playing the game for themselves anymore, they were there and playing for each other.It was all I thought about and all I could pay attention to.