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They both have taken the responsibility of the actions upon themselves in many ways.And Finn’s death is what gave Lexa ultimate respect for Clarke.

[I thought] “why is everyone saying shipping all the time? I love that people are having such a positive response to it.

What’s so wonderful about this world is that there is no emphasis on labels or on gender or prejudice expectation. There’s just a world where people love people for who they are and not what they are and that creates such a broad variety of characters.

It is representative of the world that we live in today, but it also doesn’t make it out to be this statement—it’s not a social/cultural statement.

Jason [Rothenberg, the show’s EP] said on Twitter that in ‘s society, labels and gender aren’t a factor.

It’s great that he said that, and I think it’s so true.

I saw Clarke and Lexa were trending on Twitter right after it aired.

ALYCIA DEBNAM-CAREY: Well, the funny thing is I’m such a Twitter and Instagram novice…. It was very embarrassing, so I’m not the best with it, but I did see it…. Now that I have discovered Twitter, it’s become so fun that people are really into this “Clexa” thing, and there’s such a great response to their relationship….

Lexa’s main priority is to look after her people, and Clarke understands more than anyone else that they are there for their people, to get their people out of Mount Weather, and to make sure that they’re safe and they can live harmoniously.

If those were the sacrifices they’ve had to make along the way, [they know] they’re aiming for a much greater goal in the end.

So she has learned that maybe she had to have such a hard exterior, and Clarke has been able to show her that you can have love—and that love is a great power, too. There are a lot of great nuances that they’re both sharing with each other as leaders, as powerful people. All the characters are just willing and ready to fight.

Obviously, we saw Lexa let down her guard a little bit for once.

It stems from a connection that they both share—which is similar experiences and similar positions that they now occupy. And…it’s been very sudden for both of them—they’ve suddenly had to rise to the occasion; they don’t want to slip up. That’s what creates such a foundation for this relationship to go somewhere.