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Now it's not so good to go away from segmentation target, but at the same time, it's not a good idea not to look for any segmentation.

I can't wait till the Madison Square Garden concert on June 26th - hopefully they'll play almost the whole album.A heartfelt thank you to the band for giving us time to reflect on what is beautiful and worth fighting for.I look forward to seeing the band on the road once again. After reading the interview on Billboard, I wanted to share a thought.I tend to think that a song like this was composed at a time when there was a natural segmentation of the audience, since the musical genre itself already provided a clear relationship of themes between the band and the fans.Faced with this limitation of natural segmentation, if the artist wanted to have more layers of themes and sonority to surprise his base would not be something so improbable.What was strange was that I did not go into all the details of the show, even before any expectation of watching it live and that was something I did incessantly on the every tour.

I was limited in knowing what was the list of songs in each day and in seeing the official images that band put in instagram or facebook.

My instant favorite was "Its The Little Things That Give You Away" loved everything about this song...

Edges guitar work is classic, Bonos Vocals and Lyrics also Classic... "Red Flag Day" was catchy to me and reminded me of something that could have been on the "War" album."Get Out Of Your Own Way" and "You're The Best Thing About Me" remind me of "All That You Can't Leave Behind".

‘I Can Sing It To You All Night…’ ' In total, ‘reports Billboard, ' U2 has now led the Billboard 200 with Songs of Experience, No Line on the Horizon (2009), How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2004), Pop (1997), Zooropa (1993), Achtung Baby (1991), the Rattle and Hum soundtrack (1988) and The Joshua Tree (1987).’ Hitting the top of the US chart in 2017, means ‘the band is now the only group with No.

1s in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s.’ And along with the highest first-week sales for a rock band this year, come glowing critical reviews for the record.

“One of the best albums of 2017.”— ABC NEWS “A thrilling listen.”— ASSOCIATED PRESS "U2 are earnest, defiant, and as epic as ever on Songs of Experience.”— ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY “Reaffirms the sound that has been filling arenas and stadiums for decades.”— THE NEW YORK TIMES "In their strongest outing since All That You Can’t Leave Behind, the four-piece writes both sweeping anthems as well as some of the most effortless songs of their career.”— NO RIPCORD "If experience has taught U2 anything, it is that a great new song can still feel like the first day of the rest of your life.