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Pressing the "A" button would then record into the config file as , so Retro Arch will know that the "A" button on your physical controller corresponds to the "A" button on Retro Arch's virtual controller, the Retro Pad.Therefore, the next time you play a game such as Super Mario Bros.

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As Retro Arch starts an emulator core, it maps the Retro Pad configuration to the emulated system's original controls.However, Retro Arch also provides the freedom to configure specific emulators individually and even individual games differently if the user wants.This allows a specific setting or button mapping for a certain console or even just for a certain game.Retro Arch then handles the input (controls) and output (graphics and audio) while the emulator core handles the emulation of the original system.With a few simple changes to the emulator source code, almost any existing emulator could become a libretro core.In Retro Pie, the libretro emulator cores are identified with a is the libretro core of the SNES emulator called snes9x2010.

Retro Arch and libretro provide ability to configure controllers once for many emulators instead of having to configure each emulator individually.There are 3 main ways to configure input for Retro Arch: Retro Arch controls have been integrated into Emulation Station and will be the first thing you see when you boot from the Retro Pie SD image the first time.You can also access it from the start menu within Emulation Station under the Configure Input option.Hotkeys are combinations of buttons you can press in order to access options such as saving, loading, and exiting games.The following defaults are set automatically the first time you set up your controller from Emulation Station (the numbers will vary depending the controller you use).A Retro Pad has an ABXY layout like a SNES controller plus four shoulder buttons and dual analog sticks like a Sony Dual Shock.

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