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It is also smashed in on one side (as seen in photos).We collect items from auctions and sales and have obtained an assortment of glass, porcelain, china, and pottery with other collectible items or Holiday Decor' to vast to descrie!If you feel the price is too high, please make an offer!Ceramic pieces sold by Napco (National Potteries Corporation) are distinctive and popular again today.Since its prolific output of the 1950s and 1960s, Napco has held the interest of collectors because the ceramic items are consistently well-designed.In 1986, INARCO moved to Jacksonville, Florida, after it was purchased by Japanese giftware distributor, Napco.

The Lefton Company was founded in 1041 by George Lefton.

He was a Hungarian immigrant who arrived in Chicago in 1939.

Although his background was in marketing and designing specialty clothing, he had a passion for collecting fine porcelain. The Lefton Company was purchased by OMT Enterprises in 2005 and moved to California.

Vintage Napcoware Santa Claus going down the chimney, with bottle brush tree.

Has original foil label on bottom: A Napco Ceramic Japan.

At one point in time, over 10,000 retail shops carried Lefton products nationwide. It's all appealing to vintage collectors and today's lighthouses are just as avidly collected by folks who are most likely not aware of the rich history of the Lefton Company.

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