Black creek dating

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The Anasazi and Fremont are classified by scientists as "Formative" cultures.The most recent inhabitants, the Utes have been in southeast Utah since the 1200's.

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Although it is difficult to establish an exact age of rock art, some dating clues are easily identified.

They were a very mobile hunting and gathering people who moved in from the Great Basin.

They used the bow and arrow, made baskets and brownware pottery, and lived in brush wickiups and tipis.

Directions are included to a number of sites which allow you to sample some of the easily accessible ancient rock art in the Moab area.

All sites are accessible with a passenger car and a short walk!

On July 1, 1933 the camp was dedicated and the first camper arrived.

For more details on these persistent women and their ambitious, depression-era project, check out the Clay County Historical Archives.

The public can now enjoy hiking trails, picnicking, wildlife viewing, tent camping or renting one of the camp's cabins (including their tree house cabins! In addition to all of the activities listed above, if you're there on the third Saturday of the month you'll get to see The Historic Girl Scout Museum, open from 9 a.m. Camp Chownenwaw is located on 1.5 miles of shoreline on Black Creek and Peters Creek off of the St.

John's River making it a perfect place for kayak or canoe exploration.

They did not build permanent habitation structures, but lived in caves and in small brush shelters built in the open.

The Anasazi whose culture centered south of Moab in the Four Corners area, concentrated much of their subsistence efforts on the cultivation of corn, beans and squash.

Styles vary from place to place, and from people to people.