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Arab matrimonial dating - radiocarbon dating chemistry definition

The Sumerian flood story includes a depiction of a large vessel which is packed with various objects and, presumably, animals, clearly showing a basis for the later Old Testament flood story of Noah and the ark The sons of Shem are said to be Arphaxad, Elam, Asshur, Lud, and Aram.While the first name is of uncertain origin (and therefore possibly genuine), the others are clearly attempts to create founder figures for several important ancient kingdoms.

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A confederation of tribes, they initially settled on the coast of the Dead Sea, before being forced to emigrated to Egypt, only to return centuries later to form small kingdoms in Canaan during the period of deep social unrest around and after 1200 BC.

Oral history almost always has a core truth at its heart (something that can be forgotten by scholars who wander off at tangents with imaginative theories about tribal origins).

Elam relates to the region of that name, and an important and powerful kingdom at this time.

Asshur (Ashur) is the name of a northern Mesopotamian city state - one of three - which together are better known as Assyria.

Or twelve, with the new arrivals forming the thirteenth? As with other such cases, such as various tribes of the Celts and Germanics, or the Mitanni when they arrived to dominate the Hurrians, the new arrivals were in command, but their own customs were quickly replaced by those of their majority subjects, making them also look Canaanite in origin. In their early years the Israelites were probably more usually known as habiru (which may or may not be a source for the name 'Hebrew') when they migrated into Canaan from Mesopotamia, and also when they invaded Canaan in the twelfth century BC through Edom and Moab, penetrating as far north as Amurru in Syria.

This term seems first to have been used for a range of outsiders, from unemployed farm labourers and vagrants to mounted mercenary archers.The context differed depending upon where the references were found.Although it may originally have referred to just about any marginal people who lived outside state controls, there is nothing to preclude one such group becoming the later Hebrews.A rough calculation of about twenty to thirty years for each generation supplies an approximate date of 2090 BC for Noah.His Israelite descendants supposedly emigrate from Ur around 1750 BC, but while there is no confirmation either way that they have previously been long term residents of Ur or its immediate environs, much of their story probably comes from this region (including the Biblical flood, which can be equated with the Sumerian Flood story).Lud is connected with Lydia (the Luddu of Assyrian records) and their Luwian predecessors (although the Assyrian Lubdu in areas of western Media may be a better connection).

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