Dating someone different culture

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Dating someone different culture - joomla 1 6 dating template

so its crazy to see how we can find a happy medium between my... I love him deeply but the cultural differences are sometimes really challenging.So yes, you do just have to remember that you're different, remember that you love each other anyway and keep plugging along.

If I said we “do nothing at home”, he was offended, thinking that I meant we don’t do fun things, when all I meant was the expression of simply just hanging out at home.

You have to really listen very carefully, both of you.

With her, it was pretty fluent all of a sudden, though. Well, my wife, being from Pancho Villa country, Durango State, is not submissive at all.

But she is really good in administration, actually better than me, the money-wise Swiss.

Dating someone from another culture can be quite challenging, especially since you and your partner can have different views, beliefs or values.

We share the same feelings, worries, and ideas, and laugh at the same jokes.

Miraculously, we have the exact same sense of humour although we are from completely different places.

My boyfriend is from Hong Kong and I am European so sometimes culture clashes occur.

We can see things very differently at times but I love how more open minder both of is have become. I am only 16 years old but it's teenage love so it's all these crazy feelings and emotions but my friend is a muslim and i am a christian.

While he values different things, we’ve taught each other a lot of things we otherwised wouldn’t have understood or reflected on. His upbringing in Africa and the Middle-East has taught him the value of family, honesty, hard work, and generosity.

He has something I don’t have- the experience of having nothing and therefore valuing everything.

What we do share deeply is our sense of being mixed, being isolated, and on a more rewarding note, being so alike in so many different ways.

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