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Finding girls for sex in Puerto Vallarta will be as easy as finding a street taco.This is a very busy tourist destination on the west coast of Mexico, and anywhere that tourists go the hookers will follow.

Not only will there be girls for sex in many of the pick up bars in Zona Romantica and downtown, at a couple you can even barfine the waitress.

There isn’t a huge red light district here, and not all that many strip clubs any more. If all you want is debauchery Tijuana would probably be a better place to go, but you can find plenty of it here as well.

In a place like this you are going to see prostitutes all over the city.

There are many ways to monger here, there are strip clubs, street girls, erotic massage parlors (which are basically brothels) and even some bars that have Southeast Asian style barfines.

Plus meeting hookers online is becoming more popular by the way, this Puerto Vallarta sex guide has many options.

If you are looking for a sure thing they are good places to go. Well that depends because they are all freelance prostitutes.

It will be up to the negotiation, and the prices can vary widely.Some of them will want cash, others may just be out partying with their friends.Bolivia Street and Guatemala Street is where many hookers in Puerto Vallarta would post up years ago. Of course the ‘Malecon’ boardwalk will have some working girls on it from time to time as well.Prostitution is legal here but organized prostitution like pimping is not.So you can Google ‘escorts in Puerto Vallarta’ and not have to worry about any sort of police set up.On the other hand you still do need to take some precautions.

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