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When the lower half of the costume was on, I folded the top half around at the waist, tying the arms together around me, like a belt.I put on jeans and a black and red spaghetti strap top that left some of my midriff exposed.

“…the situation, and I like your apartment, so I don’t mind staying there.” “Yeah? Hell, I’d have you decorate my apartment when I got a place of my own.” He chuckled, “I’ll do that for you if you make me that outfit we talked about before.” The costume. If I kept on that particular line of thinking about Brian’s better qualities, I was guaranteed to wind up saying or doing something to embarrass myself. I flashed my school ID, while Brian paid with tickets.

I pulled my eyes away before my attention could draw notice. As far as I’m concerned, when you’re talking about capes, you can’t take too many precautions.

I told Lisa, “We’ll see you guys later.” “Have fun,” she grinned. Especially with a group as influential as Empire Eighty Eight.” “I’ll rephrase the question then. It’s a big job, but I guess I have more free time now, and, uh, yeah. I could maybe do it, sure.” Obviously, I couldn’t and wouldn’t mention the fact that my decision to ally myself with the Undersiders for real was a factor. I’d owe you.” “Gives us something to talk about while I’m staying over, too.” “I don’t think we’ll lack for conversation topics,” he smiled at me. If I was being honest, I would even say it was tied with his voice for the thing I liked most about him, aesthetically.

“Hey,” I spoke up, hesitant, “Can I take five minutes to grab a shower and change while you guys hash out the rest of the details?

” Brian made a pained face, but he nodded, “Go.” Grateful, I hurried to the bathroom, stopping by my room to grab my costume, a fresh outfit, and my towel.

Brian led the way outside, and again, I paused at the door’s threshold to collect some more bugs under my clothing and in my bag while I could still be discreet about it. He seemed to be deep in thought, and there was good cause for that, so I didn’t bother him as we walked to the bus stop. Do you think the others will think I’m being paranoid? Probably.” “Damn it.” Our conversation stalled when more people joined us at the bus stop. It was maybe unfair to think so, but I generally saw the vast majority of teenage boys as awkward people that combined the traits of a child and an adult in the most unfortunate ways possible.

“I just realized,” Brian spoke, “I never asked if you even wanted to stay over.” I looked up at him. It’s totally fine.” “After I was first introduced to the others, I did that a lot. Brian was the opposite, and it was his voice and his smile that really nailed the effect.I’d leave Taylor instead, but I’d rather spread out the firepower between our two teams.” “Whatever,” Alec looked back to the TV.“Forget I mentioned anything.” Before Brian could get on Alec’s case again, I cut in to ask, “Shouldn’t we all maybe stay together?To finish, I tied a sweatshirt around my waist, positioning it over where I’d tied the upper half of my costume. The material was fairly thin and it stretched, so it didn’t make me look bulkier.I’d have to see how comfortable the soles I’d built into the foot portion of the costume were inside shoes, but that was something I could adjust.Having the main part of the body pulled around behind my back meant I could hide the bulkier portion under the sweatshirt.

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