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You make sexy moans and sighs, letting me know what a good stroker you are. Your explosive orgasm at the end will prove how skilled I am. Don't be surprised if you need to call me every day for more lessons. I want you to gently touch the head that is reddish purple by now.

As she finished speaking her jaw muscles slipped slightly leaving her sharp and sensual lips pursed lightly open. And it is nothing to be ashamed about; lacking the strength of will to resist. She had regarded him coolly, even harshly, when he had first arrived for their appointment. " He dangled the cigarette teasingly before her eyes. I don't want one at all." Mistress Suzzie answered with a confident smile. "Very good, Suzzie, you have responded very well." She wriggled her shoulders in pleasure at the sound of hearing his voice praise her. I was just so pleased at how well you'd done." He made an exaggerated show of zipping up the packet of smokes in his pocket. Firmly but gently he pulled her up; she tottered in her heels as he pushed her back onto the sofa."I can hold out for a while but the longer I do so, the worse it gets when I do finally give in." He smiled. He gazed admiringly at her relaxed form as it lay in increasing comfort on the firm couch. "Yes, to the world you are Mistress Suzzie," he replied.Her once tightly bobbed blond hair flowed freely over the arm cushion. "But here with me you are my slave girl and I am your Master." Weakly, she put her hands out before her and tried to rise but found herself meekly resting her head against his knee."No, I haven't started drafting the final exam so I can't tell you what to focus on." "Yes, the exam will focus on the materials in the textbook." Nate Roberts, one of the better students in class, was stalking me again. think you're beautiful." I knew it would be hard for him. I think you've hurt my feelings." I gave him a pouty look. If I'm happy with your work product we can have a further discussion. After I graduated from law school, I joined a well-known law firm in New York City and started dating one of the partners. I mean..." The poor girl was actually shifting her weight nervously from one foot to the other, trying to formulate her answer. You have such a presence about you - such a calm, self-assured manner as you walk. " "This may surprise you, Susan, but even a Professor has breasts," I chided. She bent down as she drew her panties slowly down her thighs, then her legs, and then gracelessly freed it from one foot and then the other.I couldn't help it if I was one of the few female law professors on the faculty and that I was, in all modesty, an attractive, single woman. It always was for my subs, but it was all part of the fun, the thrill of the chase. Tell me something I don't know." Now he looked like a cornered animal. "I love you." Now it was my turn to show my amusement. He was married, so of course the affair eventually became public and I had to leave the firm. "Oh, maybe you're saying that I'm too obtuse to observe and correctly interpret your behavior, then? And your striking beauty." She said the last part very quietly, as if she might be stepping over some line. Her expression of humiliation was absolutely perfect, when she finally confessed, "And, when you were leaning over, blotting up the coffee, your blouse fell open, and I couldn't tear my eyes away from your breasts! "Now tell me truthfully, what images went through your mind when you saw them? When she looked up to hand me her panties, she saw I'd brought her bra to my nose, and was enjoying the warmth and scent left there by her tits.Browse My Exclusive Audios Read My Reviews See More Photos Of Me Hear My Voice View My Wish List Email me at [email protected] my blog Do you want to know what turns me on? There is something about a cock growing and becoming hard and stiff that brings out the wild animal in me. I will key in on the little nuances and subtleties of you. I want you to be proud of the engorged and throbbing cock. I'll have you know I have an amazing amount of stroking techniques to teach you. How about using both hands to make those strokes feel so close to the feel of a woman?

I then ask you to stop for a minute and look at your cock. All characters are 18 years or older when in sexual situations. My God, you're insanely beautiful." "Nate, as you can appreciate, fraternization with students by professors is frowned upon, though not prohibited. Before I even think about acting on what you're suggesting, I'd like to give you an assignment." His eyes lit up. and..." If the poor thing had been scarlet prior to this, I have no word for the color of the flush of humiliation that now claimed her. "I'm not offended at all by what you've said, Susan.***** Chapter One I'd just finished teaching my 10 am. It was at a law school that's part of a large public university in the Northeast. "Sure, sure, whatever you want." "I want you to draft two things. " "Yes ma'am." "No beating off, no sex until we talk again. " "Yes ma'am." "Good, shut the door behind you." It took me a while to focus back on work. I might even pass him around to some of my BDSM friends. And I'd still like to have coffee with you, so we can get to know each other a little better. "First, give me your bra," I told her, holding my hand out to receive it as if the very possibility of her refusing was unthinkable. However, I'd sensed she was a submissive, and my instincts were correct.I could see Nate peering down my blouse, hungrily eyeing the tops of my breasts and straining to see the lace trim of my bra. I'd never had a problem attracting male companionship. Fortunately, the law library was connected to the office wing, so I didn't have to venture outside in the snow. Fortunately that also affords me tons of privacy." She'd changed somewhat in the interim. "Yes," she whispered, not making eye contact with me. I made several statements." The dear thing actually shyly scraped the toe of her shoe on my carpet when she began answering. I wanted to have an excuse to speak with you, and hit upon the idea that spilling my coffee a little and making a fuss might make you notice me." She looked miserable now. We walked to the coffee shop with Susan following me like a puppy dog. The person working the cashier station was across from us, with a side view of our booth.It seemed as if every semester there was at least one of them. I just wanted to see you." His eyes betrayed his vulnerability. Somehow men seem to find slender brunettes with large breasts to be attractive. I gathered up my research file and trudged down to the library. A blouse replaced her baggy sweatshirt and a skirt that fell below her knees had replaced the jeans. But first, I have an observation to make." Susan tilted her head inquisitively, in a manner I found rather endearing, politely waiting for my statement. "When we met, it was apparent to me that you were staring at my breasts. I'd heard about that gesture, but I'd never actually seen anyone do it before. We settled in with Susan sitting across from me, facing the front door.I prided myself on my appearance and always taught class in business attire, usually a blouse, skirt and heels. I straightened up and tossed my hair behind me and let out a laugh. He swore that he would divorce his wife, but that didn't happen, and at age 30 I found a teaching assistant position at my current law school. I'd never..." Her blush deepened, as she stammered, at a loss for words to counter my assertion. " I loved verbally boxing submissives into a corner. " Leaving her kneeling before me - a sight that actually gave my pussy a slight tingle - I said, "Perhaps if you start at the beginning, you can be coherent, Susan." Susan's throat muscles worked as she swallowed. "This afternoon, I could barely believe my eyes when I saw you pouring over those law books in the library. I didn't even know what I was saying, trying to apologize..." Her voice trailed off as she got to the crux of the matter. Her eyes widened, and her mouth formed an 'O' shape of astonishment when she saw me replace the bra with her panties, and take a deep whiff of her most intimate scent. I handed her coat to her and then put on mine, leaving her undergarments on my desk.

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