Who is gareth cliff currently dating

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A group of 11 clubs - Swansea, Lampeter, Llandeilo, Cardiff, Newport, Llanelli, Merthyr, Llandovery, Brecon, Pontypool and Bangor - came together at the Castle Hotel, Neath on 12th March 1881, to form the Welsh Rugby Football Union.

It was an era when players like Jerry Shea, Ivor Jones, Jack Bassett and Wilf Wooller captured the imagination.The game was introduced to Wales at Lampeter College in the mid-nineteenth century using the Rugby School rules.In September, 1875 the South Wales Football Union was created in Brecon 'with the intention of playing matches with the principal clubs in the West of England and the neighbourhood - the rugby rules will be the adopted code'.The 'Super Seventies' included Grand Slams in 1971, 19 and Triple Crowns in 1971, 1976, 1977, 19.Had the game in Ireland in 1972 not been cancelled, that otherwise undefeated campaign could have ended with another Grand Slam.A try, then worth one point, by 'Buller' Stadden at Crown Flat, Dewsbury, won the day and the legendary Arthur Gould's team were ready to take the game by storm.

The first Triple Crown came in 1893 and was the launch pad for the first 'Golden Era', when Wales dominated the world game.Bleddyn Williams, Jack Matthews, Cliff Morgan, Roy John, Ken Jones, Billy Williams, Rhys Williams, Bryn Meredith and Clem Thomas became household names and revered opponents across the world while playing for the British & Irish Lions.The Grand Slam of 1950, crowned with a 21-0 win over France in Cardiff, ended a 39 year honours drought.Gould, Gwyn Nicholls, Jehoida Hodges, Willie Llewellyn, Percy Bush, Boxer Harding, Dickie Owen, Billy Trew and the Bancroft's, Billy and Jack, still rate among the greatest players ever produced by Wales.The first 'Golden Era' included the first Grand Slam by any country and a record winning run of 11 games as Wales remained unbeaten between March 1907 to January 1910.It is rumoured that that Hui-zhen forbids her daughter from visiting Xing Feng, to which the actress angrily refuted yesterday, “I swear with my life that I’ve never stopped my daughter from meeting her birth father” The 50-year-old claimed that she asked An-jie to visit her father but the latter refused to do so, revealing that Xing Feng has not asked about their daughter over the years.

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