Dating a us navy sailor

07-Jul-2020 02:05 by 6 Comments

Dating a us navy sailor

For all the girls who hate being a part of ordinary life (from wake up to sleep cycle), sailors are a good choice for partners in crime.

Sailors think free and their thoughts are not bounded by the customs of the society.And the best part of being his girlfriend/wife is to have a first-hand experience with him in Globetrotting.Sail with him or listen to his endless talks about the cities, the names of which you haven’t even heard. No doubts, dating a sailor will increase your geographical knowledge beyond normal.Although be prepared for his lazy versions for first few weeks of his holidays but then get ready to experience all different stuffs with him.Even when on sail, getting a shore leave and going out to experience the crazy parts of the city is their aim especially when they are with some crazy partners like you.One of the perks of dating a sailor is that he earns well so all your shopping list will be fulfilled not only locally but internationally too.

You can see a good future with him if you plan to marry him someday and have kids.

So forget all being about taken for granted, this guy will love you even more when you are with him than miles apart.

He will care for you as he knows what you mean for him in his life and what it really is to live without you.

They are not just handsome at their first look but they can even sweep you off when they speak.

And this kind of person can surely make your friends jealous of you.

For them even a small move or a thought process that you do for them is enough to melt their heart.