Updating the video collection

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Updating the video collection - did ben foster dating ellen page

This is a collated list of image and video databases that people have found useful for computer vision research and algorithm evaluation. Introducing Safety Analysis for Computer Vision (by Zendel, Murschitz, Humenberger, and Herzner) introduces a methodology for ensuring that your dataset has sufficient variety that algorithm results on the dataset are representative of the results that one could expect in a real setting.In particular, the team have produced a Checklist of potential hazards (imaging situations) that may cause algorithms to have problems.

When the server returns a response, it also emits a collection of HTTP headers, describing its content-type, length, caching directives, validation token, and more.343 plans to take advantage of the new hardware and use that opportunity to "rearchitect" and update the game's networking and matchmaking methodology.Improvements will affect all Xbox One platforms, with special visual enhancements for Xbox One X.First, the browser checks the local cache and finds the previous response.Unfortunately, the browser can't use the previous response because the response has now expired.All you need to do is ensure that each server response provides the correct HTTP header directives to instruct the browser on when and for how long the browser can cache the response.

If you are using a Web View to fetch and display web content in your application, you might need to provide additional configuration flags to ensure that the HTTP cache is enabled, its size is set to a reasonable number to match your use case, and the cache is persisted.

This first 2018 Facebook update might be the biggest of the year, and it’s only January!

The revolutionary decision announced by Mark Zuckerberg to change Facebook News Feed algorithm to prioritize news from friends and family at the expense of public content, news publishers, and marketers, is “The Thing” everyone is talking about. Let’s dig into what happened this month at Menlo Park, Facebook’s headquarter.

For example, in the above exchange, the server returns a 1024-byte response, instructs the client to cache it for up to 120 seconds, and provides a validation token ("x234dff") that can be used after the response has expired to check if the resource has been modified.

Assume that 120 seconds have passed since the initial fetch and the browser has initiated a new request for the same resource.

Fetching something over the network is both slow and expensive.