How accurate is radioactive dating of materials

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How accurate is radioactive dating of materials - sean murray and pauley perrette dating

He created laws that operate regularly through time and space, so we can depend on the sun rising tomorrow just as it rose this morning.

If, as you claim, dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, then because radiocarbon decays so rapidly there should be no radiocarbon left in dinosaur bones.

Those who didn’t believe in the Creator God of the Bible had no way of being sure that the operation of the universe was dependable from one day to the next, and therefore they couldn’t be sure that any measurements they made today would be the same tomorrow.

On the other hand, because the Creator God of the Bible is who He says He is, as revealed in the Bible, we can make observations today and be absolutely confident that they will be the same tomorrow when we do them again.

That’s an assumption, not “irrefutable proof.” As for the idea that “there is a great amount of proof…that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago,” you should check out the dating of dinosaur bone fragments.

As you yourself have said, radioactive isotopes can be used to date bone fragments.

In order to link the evidence to the accused, the scientists make assumptions, and then they build their interpretations on those assumptions.

You can find many other articles on our website that discuss these issues.

The only way we know our observations were the same last week as they are today is if we have an eyewitness testimony from someone who made the same observations last week.

In the Bible, we have the eyewitness testimony of someone who has been present throughout all of history and who has told us what happened.

If you did, you'd know about radiometric dating and how it is used as irrefutable proof that the Earth by itself is approximately four billion years old. Yes, we are well aware that there are different radioactive isotopes and that they can be used via the technique of radiometric dating to date materials from bone fragments to rocks. From the way you are using the word, it does not seem that you understand its meaning.

In a courtroom, the “proof” that is sought by the judge and the jury is corroborated testimonies from eyewitnesses who were present at the scene of the crime and who saw the accused perpetrate the crime.

You can read all about radiocarbon dating in the series of three articles on our website.

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