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Despite what Hollywood says, clothes do not take themselves off and bodies do not magically and effortlessly fit together.If you are committed to waiting until you’re married to have sex, there are many valid reasons to set boundaries on your physical relationship, but the fear of having sex shouldn’t be one of them. If you wait until you are married to have sex, God will reward you with mind-blowing sex and a magical wedding night.

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Not everyone experiences this, but for the many people who do, it’s terribly isolating.

In the meantime, we in the evangelical church has a lot of work to do correcting the distorted ways we talk about sex and sexuality, especially to our youth.

Lily Dunn is a faith-wrestler, a truth-seeker and a grace-discoverer.

Once again we’re experiencing something our churches and communities never acknowledged as a possibility.

We feel alone and broken and filled with a profound sense that this isn’t the way it’s meant to be.

“Don’t start the engine if you aren’t ready to drive the car,” and other similar metaphors warned me that any physical contact was a slippery slope straight into the jaws of fornication.

On this side of things, I can honestly say that there are SO many conscious decisions you have to make between kissing and having sex.Many of us have programmed guilt into ourselves—this is how we keep ourselves in check throughout our dating relationships.And that “red light” feeling we train ourselves to obey doesn’t always go away just because we’ve spoken some vows and signed some papers.I don’t regret waiting until I was married to have sex, and I’m not advocating that churches stop teaching that sex is designed for marriage.But I do think there is something seriously wrong with the way we’ve handled the conversation.Maybe what I’d been told or inferred about post-marital sex simply wasn’t true.

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