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It is useful to allow students to refer to the passage if they choose to do so.

The Reading-With-Understanding Running Record has become a standard tool for getting this information.

A teacher needs to draw from a range of possible assessment tools in order to identify the aspects of reading over which a student is developing control, and those where a student still needs some support.

This section outlines some assessment techniques which are useful for varying purposes.

The teacher presents the passage to the student saying, ".

" After completing the silent reading, the student retells the passage to demonstrate his/her level of understanding.

Example two: If a student is having difficulty reading the class material it will be necessary to take a Reading-With-Understanding Running Record to identify the cue-sources that are used and the cue-sources that are neglected.

It will also become clear in the Running Record what reading strategies the student needs help to develop, and whether or not they are understanding what they are reading.An adaption of the Running Record was developed for use with older readers in New Zealand for the SARR (Supporting At-Risk readers) project.Older readers need to be assessed on their ability to read silently as well as their ability to read aloud.Gaelene Rowe, Helen Lamont, May Daly, Debra Edwards & Sarah Mayor Cox, authors of Success with Reading & Writing: helping at-risk students 8-13 years, (2000), have kindly given us permission to include information about a Reading-with-Understanding Running Record from their book.Examples of completed Reading-with-Understanding Running Record sheets are included in their book.The teacher then takes a Running Record (refer to Clay, 1993, An Observation Survey for information on how to do this).