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If you have done something bad, the org may require you to do a “treason” condition.

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Sad emotions, bad news, an angry letter, a violent movie – all of these things can be said to be “entheta”. Responsible for the “crime and punishment” division of any given church. When one first joins the Sea Org, one must do a sort of “orientation boot camp” for several weeks or months. This was the church’s investigation branch until the FBI caught them doing some nasty stuff. See also: OSA Goldenrod – It is Scientology policy that all SP Declare orders are printed on a piece of goldenrod colored paper.Can be used in a variety of ways, including: “She was my 2D” means “I was dating her”. ARC Break – ARC stands for Affinity, Reality, Communication. ” ASI – Author Services International: Scientology’s personal publishing house.“Going out-2D” means cheating on your partner, or committing “deviant” sexual acts. This can mean work, school, a sports team, a wine tasting club, or anything else of that nature. An ARC Break refers to sadness, upset, or anger resulting from an argument or negative situation. Auditing – Scientologists will tell you this is similar to counseling. On the lower levels, an auditor guides the PC (pre-clear) through various questions supposedly designed to elicit a certain result. One of the longest courses (if not the longest) in Scientology.It is a very, very serious offence in Scientology to blow. Having a feeling of being so happy that one is elated and feels disconnected from their body. ” Bridge, The – Shortened from “The Bridge to Total Freedom”.People who leave without permission in this way are usually declared. All of Scientology doctrines put together are referred to as “the Bridge”.It can be used as a verb and a noun: “My files were sent to the C/S.” or “I was up all night C/Sing.” Dead Agent – A verb, meaning to slander a person or disprove a piece of information to such an extent that he or it can never be used against you.

“We need to dead agent that article.” Declared, to be declared – To be labeled a Suppressive Person (evil) and thrown out of Scientology.

There are specific formulas for each of these conditions.

Lower conditions (those below “normal”) are frequently used as punishment.

Out TRs – Losing your temper or becoming flustered. The pink sheet contains orders to re-study that section of the materials, and lists which materials are to be re-studied before continuing on.

It is called a pink sheet because it is only issued on pink paper.

The fact the Scientology has its own language makes it difficult for non-Scientologists to read Scientology texts and understand what ex-Scientologists are going on about.

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