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We recognize that sometimes family support and issues are complex and can seem overwhelming. Clients often express that they grow tremendously due to the challenges and support that group therapy provides.We regularly sponsor group therapy sessions which can be billed to your insurance.

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Our staff has many years of mindfulness based training and practices.

Later experiences that reinforce this message that “I am bad” become filed in the same network, reinforcing this belief in a way that can become disruptive in our day to day lives as these negative beliefs, and often powerful negative feelings of fear, anxiety, insecurity, or low self worth, are activated with them.

EMDR uses specific techniques to activate our mind’s natural healing process in a way that helps these “stuck” memories to be processed in a way that lets them pass through our minds filter, opening our neural networks and allowing rapid and satisfying healing from symptoms that may have existed for years before treatment.

These “stuck” memories can form the root system for memory networks that contribute to negative judgement about ourselves that our minds form to make sense of the overwhelming experiences we have faced.

For example, an abused child may begin to believe that “I am bad, I deserve this” as a way to make sense of the trauma happening in their life.

Sex therapists at Partners in Health and Wellbeing are trained in and comfortable working with members of the LGBTQ community, various relationship structures including consensually non-monogamous relationships, and in working in a culturally competent way with members of the kink community as well. PHW provides comprehensive services to LGBTQ clients in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

We are the only therapeutic practice in northern Delaware who specializes in working with transgendered clients of all ages, including adolescents and children.This interconnectivity reflects the Center’s commitment to providing care that recognizes the mind-body connection and how health and well-being can be resolved without side effects.Chinese herbs are often used along with acupuncture to help internal conditions.Partners in Health and Wellbeing therapists follow all HIPPA guidelines as it refers to online therapy.Unfortunately, most insurances do not cover online video therapy; however, some do with special exceptions. For more information about our current sessions, please contact us directly by calling our office at (302) 655-2627 to schedule an appointment.This is our most common form of therapy as most therapy sessions take place in either of our three office locations. At PHW, we have a certified sex therapist who is also kink-friendly.

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