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Worse, it does not take long for the other girls to pick up on how Wendy pales in comparison to her sister.

All the same, it is just as well the bullies’ trick had Wendy miss the exams, because the constant comparison with Stella and the bullying had inevitably impeded her progress during the term.At least they do it in a somewhat more light-hearted manner.But they are too consumed with pride over Stella to even take in interest in what Wendy tries to do or lend her any support.At her old school Gatecombe Comprehensive, Stella was the star pupil and even the headmistress virtually hero-worships her; there are displays of Stella’s school achievements everywhere. Stella’s parents just never stop bragging about her and they “kill the fattened calf” for her whenever she shows up.This causes huge problems for Stella’s younger sister Wendy when she starts at Gatecombe.It looks like Stella’s replacement is having similar confidence problems to Wendy, which explains why the new season has not screened.

Stella disappeared instead of going home, because she was too afraid and ashamed of what the parents will say because they’re so full of themselves about her.

They only see Wendy as “Stella’s sister” instead an individual, and they expect her to be just like Stella.

At home, Wendy’s parents, who are just too full of pride about Stella, are just as bad at expecting Wendy to be just like Stella.

On Wendy’s first day alone, she is constantly embarrassed and humiliated because the school staff make a huge fuss over her, push her to the front at everything, and give her all the plum roles and expect her to be just as brilliant at doing them as Stella.

The headmistress even compares Wendy’s appearance with Stella’s – and it’s not a favourable comparison either.

Wendy finds Stella working there, and she looks absolutely miserable.

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