Consolidating unit investment trust

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The extent of each UITs diversification will be described in its prospectus. UITs, like mutual fund and closed-end funds, are subject to stringent federal laws and oversight by the U. ICI tracks assets and other statistical data on unit investment trusts.

During the previous year, 1,619 new trusts issued shares. The securities in a UIT, which are listed in its prospectus, are professionally selected to meet a stated investment objective such as growth, income, or capital appreciation.

Consult with your tax advisor or attorney regarding specific issues.

Unit investment trusts (UITs) are registered investment companies with some characteristics of mutual funds and some of closed-end funds.

At year-end 2016, UITs held .55 billion in assets.

Of that total, 85 percent of the assets, or .52 billion, were held in equity trusts. In 2016, investors deposited a total of .35 billion in UITs.

15, 2018, even if no Form 1099-B is required because there were no sales in the account. 31, 2018 when it isn’t issued as part of a nonqualified brokerage or Managed Account investment consolidated tax statement.

Form 1099-MISC is not available for import into H&R Block Clients who own REMICs, CDOs, WHFITs or WHMTs and other types of investments in their brokerage or managed account(s) will receive a consolidated tax statement package by Feb. They may also receive a revised tax package by the IRS due date of March 15, 2018, that reports updated and additional tax information we receive from issuers of their REMICs/CDO/WHFIT/WHMT investments.

By comparison, UITs drew deposits of .95 billion in 2015 and .53 billion in 2014.

In 2016, there were 5,103 UITs—2,589 of them equity trusts.

If your IRA plan includes hard-to-value assets, your updated Form 5498 mailed by May 31, 2018 contains information in Lines 15a and 15b.

Starting with 2016 tax reporting, Ameriprise began applying the De Minimis Error Safe Harbor rules (under IRC 6721 & 6722) for some updates to tax reporting for Ameriprise brokerage accounts and Managed Accounts investments.

Some mutual funds, such as the Columbia Real Estate Equity Fund, that own real estate investment trusts (REITs), can have tax data included for the fund which may be updated later if the fund notifies us with revised information.

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