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Speed dating newcastle the living room

The maintenance, aerodynamics, flying safety, navigation, weather training, and radio work classes were the same as the classes that the WOCs took. Not having a mandatory study hall like the WOCs meant that we had to impose a certain amount of self-discipline in the evenings.This of course was tempered by the fact that our evenings were our own and we cruised around, chased the local women, and generally had to contend with a series of distractions that usually kept us from seriously hitting the books.

The average Student Officer starting Flight School in 1968 was a 2LT with less than two years service, which meant that in 1968 our monthly basic pay was 4.60/month, plus .88 for Subsistence and .20/month for quarters allowance (without dependent).

Those who had trouble flying were either setback to the following (or next following) class or were eliminated and quickly sent to another duty station.

Failing for Flight Deficiency reasons was not considered detrimental towards a future Army Career.

While flying we also received Hazardous Duty pay of 0/month.

There normally wasn’t much left after paying rent, our Officer’s Club bill, partying hard, and of course making the payment on the overpowered cars that we all seemed to drive. 5th, we were assigned to our flights and told that we collectively belonged to ORWAC Class 68-24 (“Brown Hats").

We were however, almost always prepared for class and the Flight Line.

If grades started dropping, the first step in re-focusing was always at the Student Company area where a verbal “boot up the backside” was generally enough to get the drifters back on course.

The attrition rates for the ORWAC classes (10-15%) were less than the Warrant Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Course (WORWAC) classes(15-25%) because it was unusual for the Officers to get booted out for a non-Flight Deficiency reason.

The myriad categories for which the SERB (Student Evaluation Review Board) at Fort Wolters would eliminate WOCs were only infrequently applied to the Student Officers.

Those who suffered from “Lack of Character”, “Lack of Motivation”, “Lack of Aptitude”, etc., had usually been weeded out earlier at OCS.

Few Student Officers failed the Academic part of the course.

I think that we almost universally sympathized with the WOCs - we realized that learning to fly was hard enough without the additional requirements of the living in the barracks and being subjected to the very rigorous military discipline that they had to comply with.

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