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For example, using ranged to fight Araxxor while holding an araxyte pheromone in one's inventory will cause Araxxor to spawn using Magic.If utilizing a pheromone, take care to enter the fight wielding your primary weapon or Araxxor can inadvertently spawn as a combat style you are weak to (i.e.

Araxxor cannot be killed by the player, and drops no items upon death.

Defined properties: All Combat experience: 14480.4 Combat experience: 14480.4 All NPC ID: 19457 NPC ID1: 19457 All NPC ID: 19462 NPC ID2: 19462 All NPC ID: 19463 NPC ID3: 19463 All Combat level: 2500 Combat level: 2500 All Is members only: true Is members only: true All Release date: 28 July 2014 Release date: 28 July 2014 Araxxor is an enormous araxyte spider who lives in the Araxyte lair, a cave beneath the Haunted Woods, just south of Port Phasmatys.

He is the second most difficult solo boss in Rune Scape.

If his life points are reduced to 0 before the third phase of the fight, he will be instantly healed for 5,000 life points by spiders on the ceiling of the hive.

Once his life points are reduced to 0 on the third phase, he will retreat to a platform at the rear of the hive and be killed by a blow from his mate; Araxxi.

Only one person or duo can enter the base world instance at a time.

If the fight is already occupied, you will not be able to enter and will have to pay the 200,000 coin instance fee in order to fight Araxxor on the same world.

The path you choose decides the order of the mechanics Araxxor uses, though during the third phase of the fight Araxxor will utilise a variation of the other unlocked path's mechanics.

Araxxor comes in one of three combat styles; he will always be able to use a melee attack if his target is adjacent to him.

Despite displaying a "None" weakness in the combat interface, Araxxor's 3 different forms actually have weaknesses in line with the combat triangle.

Players carrying an araxyte pheromone in their inventory will cause Araxxor to spawn using a combat style favourable to the player.

One can influence the flow of the battle oneself; the deepest part of the Araxyte hive can be reached via three potential paths, and in order to defeat him the player must lure Araxxor along one of these paths and onto the platform at the end of the hive.