Thesis custom css not updating

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Thesis custom css not updating - internet dating fish in the sea

However that risk is quite small as if things get messed up you can always just reinstall the Slickr Flickr plugin to get back the original settings.Please note that if you change this file and then upgrade Slickr Flickr then the new file will overwrite the old and any changes will be lost so it is best not to put your customizations in this file.

In this post I would like to talk about a problem we faced a few days back, during a migration to Word Press. For those who don’t know what Genesis is, it is a Framework (there are others, like Thesis) that simplifies the creation of new themes.

The only guideline I can recommend in such a situation is minimize the coupling between the changes you make and the original child theme.

In our particular case, we had to modify the files As you can see, our modifications are somehow unrelated to the original version of the theme, so it is much easier to maintain and track the code.

When you have to adapt a child theme, the easiest option is to modify the source code of the child theme (EDIT: you can also create a plugin to create a grandchild theme).

This may entail some problems in the future, when the theme is updated.

One of the things I like the most about Word Press is the huge set of available themes.

You can have a completely new site within minutes, just by replacing your current theme with a new one.If Thesis 2 was supposed to empower unsophisticated users, it is a failure.The Skins Editor is far more complicated than the old settings panel, from which you could change the layout and all the colors and fonts from a single screen.The CSS file is named and is located in the Slickr Flickr plugin directory.Please note that if you change this you are doing so at your own risk.This solution will work for all main browsers except IE5 and IE6: that is about 95% of users) [css] .slickr-flickr-slideshow.landscape.small div img [/css] If you are running the Thesis theme then put this change into and not [css] .custom .slickr-flickr-slideshow.landscape.small div img [/css] Remember to include the .custom at the beginning of the line.

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