Dating rhianna who

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Dating rhianna who - Syber naughty chat room

My sister looked at me wide eyed and said, I know he's really cute but feel more mature than him.

I was half mortified, half entertained that this guy actually thinks he can put me, or any other girl into a category such as that shallow one.I grabbed Coco Lovers hand and told him to go ahead and take a seat next to me.He looked a bit confused but I was giggling so hard on the inside seeing this 'confident' boy squirm.Or maybe it's the rebellious nature of the "don't date your coworkers," the unspoken rule, that makes it alluring.Months later and I agreed to go on a super innocent date, walked around the city, got a few drinks and talked about our future dreams and aspirations.She looked at him and said "I get that, but I'm sure she'd love to dance with you too".

He went on to explain to her that he has a five and two rule.He will hangout with a girl for five days straight and then leave the remaining two days to go their separate ways.But, that I was "hot enough" and that he was going to give me another chance.My sister went to grab a drink and I stayed, dancing to Rhianna's song probably exactly like this; On her way to the bar my sister runs into Coco Lover and says, "Hey, why aren't you dancing with my sister?" He responded by saying "Oh, I want her to get to know my friends".Afterwards, he hoped to have a future date and I reluctantly agreed.

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