Black speed dating in dallas texas

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Black speed dating in dallas texas

CST Monday: More than 235 roads throughout Missouri are closed due to flooding, the state Department of Transportation reports. CST Monday: Snowdrifts are piling up in Woodward, Oklahoma: a.m.CST Monday: In Madison County, Mississippi, multiple power lines are down according to Entergy. CST Monday: A roof was blown off a house near Seminary, Mississippi, according to local officials. CST Monday: Multiple roadways are icy and slick in spots near Murdock, Kansas, according to local emergency management.

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Relevant media contacts and up-to-the-minute information is always at your fingertips whenever you need it most. Of all of the media database platforms available in our industry, Cision remains a favourite among our teams.CST Sunday: Roads flooded in downtown Hope, Arkansas, 911 call center reports. CST Sunday: The Storm Prediction Center has issued a new tornado watch for portions of Louisiana, southern Arkansas and western Mississippi until 5 a.m. CST Sunday: Tornado damage to an apartment building in Garland, Texas. CST Sunday: Numerous vehicle accidents in south-central Kansas, near Wichita, due to ice, multiple sources report. This brings the total number of damaged homes around Dallas to 1,450, the Associated Press said. p.m. CST Sunday: Snow drifts are several feet tall in Lubbock, Texas. CST Sunday: Major roadways continue to be closed in eastern New Mexico. CST Sunday: UPDATE: At least 11 dead from tornadic storms near Dallas during Saturday afternoon, the Associated Press stated. CST Sunday: A civil emergency message for Curry County, New Mexico advises not to travel due to life-threatening blizzard conditions. a.m. The temperature fell from 70 F to 45 F in only 20 minutes. CST Sunday: Heavy snow continues across Amarillo, Texas, while a break in the snow is occurring across Lubbock, Texas. Louis is forecast to reach major flood stage early Tuesday morning and crest on Thursday, according to the North Central River Forecast Center. Louis received 4.87 inches of rain on Saturday, breaking the old record of 1.06 inches set in 1916. CST Sunday: Heavier snow and strong winds are beginning to create blizzard conditions in Amarillo. CST Sunday: Light snow is beginning to fall in Amarillo, Texas with winds gusting to 50 mph. CST Sunday: Visibility at or below 0.25 of a mile over the last 2 to 3 hours in Clovis, New Mexico along with heavy snow. CST Sunday: UPDATE: At least seven dead from Texas storms that produced tornadoes, the Associated Press said. a.m. CST Sunday: A water rescue is underway near Frisellas Nursery on Highway F near Defiance, Missouri in St. Windy conditions caused postponements and less than ideal conditions for other outdoor events at the Olympics on Sunday and Monday and additional strong winds are expected in the coming days.CST Sunday: Snow pellets fell in Austin, Texas, off Bee Cave. CST Sunday: Ice and sleet cover vehicles in south Kansas City, Missouri. CST Sunday: Ice covers tree limbs in El Reno, Oklahoma. CST Sunday: With over 12 inches of snow, Roswell, New Mexico, has set a new record for the most snow to fall in just one day. Visibility has been below a mile for over six hours due to blowing snow. CST Sunday: Fire departments have evacuated and rescued 60 people near a flooded creek in Redings Mill, Missouri. CST Sunday: UPDATE: The tornado that struck the town of Garland, Texas, Saturday was rated an EF-4 by NWS Fort Worth survey team. CST Sunday: Icy conditions will continue across the El Reno, Oklahoma, area. CST Sunday: Many roads are closed throughout Missouri due to flooding, according to the Missouri DOT. CST Sunday: A NWS trained spotter reported 10.4 inches of snow around Carlsbad, New Mexico, roughly 77 miles south of Roswell, New Mexico. CST Sunday: Sleet has coated the ground northwest of the Oklahoma City area. CST Sunday: The Oklahoma Department of Transportation reports of slick and hazardous conditions on highways, bridges and overpasses in central and western Oklahoma. CST Sunday: Conditions are becoming more conducive for tornado development in eastern Texas, prompting a tornado watch until 4 p.m. CST Sunday: NWS Albuquerque reports of 6- to 8-foot snow drifts in Clovis, New Mexico. a.m. CST Sunday: UPDATE: At least 8 dead from tornadic storms near Dallas during Saturday afternoon, the Associated Press said. CST Sunday: A 24-hour storm total rainfall of 6.39 inches fell at the National Weather Service office in St. While the snow has lightened in Lubbock, strong winds continue to produce blowing and drifting snow. The river may challenge its second highest crest on record of 43.23 feet set on April 28, 1973. CST Sunday: The flooding of Bear Creek has caused Route Y to close in both directions near Big Spring, Missouri, according to the Missouri Department of Transportation. CST Sunday: A thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located near Vandervoort, Arkansas and tracking toward Mena, Arkansas. CST Sunday: The Mescalero Apache Fire Rescue has measured 16 inches of snow at the Apache summit in southern New Mexico. CST Sunday: A line of thunderstorms will continue to slowly track eastward toward San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, into the morning hours. CST Sunday: A section of Farm Road 94 near Springfield, Missouri, is washed out, emergency management reports. CST Sunday: A report of 13 inches of snow was measured in Weed, New Mexico. CST Sunday: Route KK closed in both directions near New Haven, Missouri, west of St. CST Sunday, temperatures across Texas are ranging from 21 F in Amarillo to 80 F in Harlingen! CST Sunday: Snow increasing in intensity again in El Paso, Texas. CST Sunday: Snowfall total in El Paso nearing 6 inches. CST Sunday: A line of thunderstorms is moving through Abilene, Texas. CST Monday: Snowy conditions on I-35W in Minneapolis, Minnesota DOT reports. CST Monday: 59 mph gust near Presque Isle, Michigan, according to a C-Man monitoring station, according to the National Data Buoy Center. p.m.CST Monday: Over 5 inches of snow has fallen in Green Bay at a rate of 1 inch per hour, NWS-trained spotter reports. CST Monday: Sleet and snowy conditions on I-190 at Whitehaven Road in Grand Island, New York, near Niagara Falls. CST Monday: More than 20,000 NIPSCO customers remain without power in northern Indiana, down from about 30,000 customers earlier in the day, the utility said. p.m.A powerful storm system began gathering strength over the southern Plains on Friday as tornadoes, flooding and blizzard conditions impacted the south-central United States this weekend.

Several tornadoes touched down around the Dallas area, causing significant damage which resulted in numerous fatalities.CST Monday: A thunderstorm located to the southeast of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is capable of producing a tornado. CST Monday: Snowfall totals of around 11 inches reported in and around Lubbock, Texas. CST Monday: Trees are down across Rex Poole Road near Harrisonburg, Louisiana, law enforcement reports. a.m.CST Monday: A line of gusty thunderstorms is approaching Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and later New Orleans. CST Monday: Little Rock, Arkansas, has received more than 2.5 inches of rain in the past 10 hours.Over 10 inches of rain fell across portions of the Missouri Valley, causing significant street and river flooding.Blizzard conditions impacted New Mexico and western Texas during the weekend, producing snowfall totals over a foot in some places and snow drifts up to 8 feet. p.m.Be alert for strong winds and torrential downpours. a.m.

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