Dating a catholic girl

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Dating a catholic girl

Before finding out why there’s not a lot of dating happening, we first attempted to find out if young Catholics even want to go out with each other.Guys should know that, on the women’s side, it’s an affirmative.

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The following is the feedback from the young women in the survey and things guys should probably know socializing in a Catholic community.There are lots of guys out there, outside of the Catholic ghetto, and many of them are wonderful people. But it remains a beautiful vision, one in which imperfect people coming together in their imperfection are redeemed and made new. In the blog I made an observation on the lack of dating happening in Catholic communities.Monique Ocampo has a lovely Valentine’s day post on the plight of the single Catholic woman.She includes some correspondence from one of her readers which I’m going to quote here because I think it is an excellent expression of what I’ve seen on the Catholic dating scene: Every Catholic guy I know is either dating, married, or a seminarian…They lived a happy life of mutual accord and raised a large brood of holy children together.” Most of the Saints either weren’t married at all, or they reportedly had terrible husbands who they eventually converted though kindness and persevering prayer.

That’s not to say that you should look for a terrible husband so that you can be a living martyr in marriage – that would be dumb – but it is safe to say that marriage is not about being rewarded with the partner that you deserve. No, they won’t give you the ready made Catholic wedding of your dreams, there will probably be some conflict about your values, and you’ll likely have to be patient in bringing them into the Church.

The question that haunts so many single Catholic women is this: where are all of the good Catholic boys?

And the answer, I’m afraid to say, is that they are mostly either married or in the seminary.

I’ve decided to find out exactly why Catholics are reluctant to go out with each other.

Why will Catholic men surf a half a dozen dating apps before asking a girl out from Church?

We asked them to answer ten questions about their dating experiences and expectations within Catholic communities.