Vintage quilt dating

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Conversational prints of animals, sports and sewing motifs became popular.Civil war prints included small pictures of cannons and flags.

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I understand the fabric is a bit denser than American cottons.There are some surviving samples of this polished fabric in both cotton and wool. If you are reproducing a very early quilt using chintz appliqu you will have a bit of a challenge as there are a great many reproduction fabrics you can use but most do not have the sheen found in these early fabrics.Mid Nineteenth Century Around the middle of the nineteenth century fabric the production of fabric increased to the point that fabric was readily available.Many quilts were made with the material from these sacks.Pastel shades were popular in the thirties and many quilts emulating earlier quilts were made in these new shades.The fabric sold during this time had similar prints so sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between feed sacks and commercial fabrics.

Finding Reproduction Fabric In looking for the fabric that you will use in your reproduction project be sure to start at your local quilt store.

Following is some information to help you find sources of reproduction and vintage fabric along with a bit of guidance in choosing what is right for your project.

America's Early Years During America's early years fabrics with a gloss to them were preferred.

Vintage patterns such as the Snowball, Postage Stamp, Checkerboard, and 100-Patch are featured.

You've decided what kind of an antique quilt you want to reproduce and now you need to pick out some fabric.

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