Mandating community service is bad

11-Aug-2020 01:16 by 8 Comments

Mandating community service is bad

“And by the middle of the month, it goes to nothing” as data limits are reached, says resident Jean Siedel. If a kid is looking at a video, I can’t even see a photo on Facebook.” Rob Blick, who teaches math at Conotton Valley, is the most tech-savvy teacher in the building but had no idea that the cartoon frog a student has posted on his classroom bulletin board was Pepe, an Internet meme appropriated by white nationalists. “I better take that down.” The trouble is he has a master’s in computer programing but no Internet at home.

It is funded by the “universal service” fee that shows up on the monthly bill for telephone landlines, a pool evaporating fast.“Hell, it’s barely fast enough to check your email,” says Covert. Then you hit it again and get a snack …” America’s digital divide is not only a matter of geography.Among the quarter of Americans without broadband–basically, a connection fast enough to stream video–are many who simply cannot afford the monthly bill for service.The same fee funds the E-Rate program, which provides broadband to libraries and schools, like Conotton Valley High School, over 60 miles south of Youngstown, Ohio.There, every student gets a Chromebook laptop, low-cost computers having essentially replaced textbooks in many schools.“That’s because he doesn’t want electricity,” explains Jason Covert, the store manager. Yet when it comes to the Internet, the region remains as backward and stunted as its stereotype.

Decades into the information age, folks in these parts continue to make do with dial-up.Other small-bore remedies are common sense, like requiring companies to share poles–which would solve Blick’s problem–or a “dig once” policy of laying cable during road building.Competition would also help–yet exists in only a quarter of areas wired for broadband. Hunger no longer stalks the hollows and ridges of a region once emblematic of American poverty, and no one lacks electricity.“Except for that one guy who comes in for car batteries,” says Tim Groves, from behind the counter at Advance Auto Parts in Woodsfield, Ohio.Less than half of households living on under ,000 are connected.

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