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) Dont mention bad situations, issues or problems from the past unless its a total must or extremely important and you havent been able to talk about it yet. (Dont keep bringing up that time when you were first dating and he didnt invite you to his party. ) Dont try to force or convince a man to talk about his feelings. (Men hate constantly answering, so what are you thinking and feeling right now?) Its important to mention that the goal isnt to keep you from having your feelings.

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Yeah, thats right Some men lump the women they dislike into one big category so when they meet a woman and she reminds them of any of those women, they automatically dismiss her without giving her the benefit of the doubt. This reaction was probably because the man associated you with a woman or an experience from his past. After looking around, watching the way some of the cool girls behave, Ive seen a few things they all do and dont do. Cool girls dont complain much or talk about things that are impossible for anyone to solve given the current situation.Cool girls dont require or ask too much from a man at any one time. Cool girls dont need a man to always validate their emotions and ideas.Cool girls arent afraid to be completely honest, and know what a real level of honesty is and sounds like (to a man).Cool girls dont try and make a man do something if he says he doesnt want to. When cool girls need help, they find simple, non-controlling ways to ask for it.Cool girls know that getting or asking for help, and communicating about it in a positive way means keeping their own emotional agenda at bay. They dont get nervous or anxious around certain people, places, and situations.Users can then swipe through these matches and send a limited number of messages and pictures to interested parties.

The main point that separates Whiplr from Grindr, Ok Cupid and Hinge is the kind of personal information it asks for.Actually, theres even a larger stereotype that men promote: women are hysterical. Cool girls bring funny positive thoughts and feelings to situations. Theyre willing to go with the flow when it comes to social things, but make assertion when they have opinions and ideas.Cool girls have options and things to do that keep them busy and content, so they dont feel like theyre left out if theyre not invited to something. The Lord has been merciful and gracious to me, though. University Dr., Fort Worth, Texas 76129 | 817.257.7000 | [email protected] Christian University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award baccalaureate, masters, doctoral degrees.Here is an excerpt from Chapter 5 of Christian Carter's Catch Him and Keep Him e Book. Chapter 5: The Biggest Mistakes Women Make With Their Emotions & Why Men Love Cool Girls Theres a secret compliment Ive heard men give over and over to certain women when theyre talking about her with other men and Ive finally figured out what it means.

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