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It does this by running a “soft” search (the type lenders should use but don’t).This means that while you can see it on your credit reference agency files, lenders can’t, so it will have no impact on future credit checks. All the APRs listed on the table show a “representative” rate, meaning only a guaranteed 51pc of accepted applicants will actually get the rate advertised; the rest can be charged more (though hopefully you’ll have cleared the card by then anyway).

That means disloyally shifting the debt again to a new card a month before the 0pc deal ends. This is done by a scoring system that predicts your future behaviour based on your past.If you’ve got existing debt on credit cards – it’s time to act.With a balance transfer deal, you get a new credit card and it repays the debts on your existing credit and store cards for you, so you now owe money to the new card instead.If so, ignore the above tips, they’re not right for you.Instead, get free, one-on-one debt counselling help from the non-profit agencies uk, or uk; or, if you’re struggling emotionally too, The most frequent comment I hear from people who’ve used them is: “I finally got a good night’s sleep.” Longest 0pc deals Martin Lewis is a specialist broadcaster and journalist who created Money Saving Always, a) Repay at least the set monthly minimum, or you may lose the 0pc or promo rate; b) Aim to clear the debt or shift again before the 0pc ends, or rates rocket; c) Don’t spend on these cards, it isn’t usually at the cheap rate; and finally, d) Beware borrowing elsewhere – it’ll compound the problem. But if you’re overdrawn, they are debt cards too, and often with higher interest costs and hideous bank charges if you go over.

However, the Virgin card lets you do a money transfer, where instead of paying off another card it simply pays cash into your bank account, meaning you can shift overdraft debts to it at 26 months: 0pc for a one-off 4pc fee (for normal transfers it’s 2.99pc, meaning you can use it for both).It’s far easier to advertise a very long 0pc deal if not all customers are entitled to it. But if you need certainty for longer, you’re unsure of your repayments, or you just want to play safe, then consider a “life-of-balance” card.MBNA’s new Rate for Life card is the market leader here.Only a year ago, I was raving about the new record-longest 0pc balance transfer deal nearing two years – that wouldn’t even merit a mention now. When you shift debt, there is a one-off fee related to the amount transferred.To spell it out, that means if the balance transfer fee is 3pc and you transfer a grand, you will owe £1,030.Then once that’s clear, shift your focus to the second costliest, and so on.