Updating audi sat nav

22-Feb-2020 00:10 by 7 Comments

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For the first time, we weren’t able to get an upgrade to business class due to United’s new upgrade list vastly deprioritizing people using miles if they don’t also have status.

Due to our delay, we would miss our self-booked connecting flight on British Airways from London to Amsterdam.

This tour was recommended by our Air BNB host, and I thought it would make a nice contrast to the big Heineken dog and pony show.

Once the bar opened, we plopped down at their bar, bought our tour tickets, and started sampling their beers (all very good).

I can only liken it to a Super Nintendo in a world of XBox.

It is slow and Jerry and gives instructions after junctions or exits at timesome and it has taken me along dead end streets 3 times.

There are some connectivity challenges in my years model.

I have a fully stacked extras model but the MMI does not allow Bluetooth and updating the maps would cost £250 which is crazy.

We really only had the one day in Amsterdam, since Thursday was functionally a travel day all day.

We left Chicago at 11PM after a two hour delay due to us not having a pilot (which was announced just prior to our scheduled boarding time).

This was our fourth time in the Netherlands, and our third time in Amsterdam, so we didn’t make this a long stay.

Just kind of a leaping off point for our first week of vacation hopping from city to city.

The huge flat boot is a bonus because you don't have to stack luggage up as in an SUV, even with the dog in the back as well.