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OSA refer to the Internet use for any activity that involves sexuality for the purposes of recreation, entertainment, exploration, support, education, commerce and/or seeking out sexual or romantic partners (Boies, 2004).

I'm picking up the bra and inspecting the clasp.

Wellhung: I'm running to the kitchen, choking wildly.

Sweetheart: Last door on the left at the end of the hall.

Now I'm squinting, trying to find the night table.

I'm pointing at it, a shocked look on my face.

Sweetheart: I'm wiping your phlegm off my breasts with the remains of my blouse. I'm pulling your sweat pants down and rubbing your hard tool.

My tongue is going all over, in and out nibbling on you.... Sweetheart: I'm waiting eagerly for your return. I'm feeling around for the flush handle, but I can't find it. Wellhung: I've realized that I've peed into your laundry hamper. I'm walking back to the bedroom now, blindly feeling my way. I kiss you passionately - our naked bodies pressing each other. I'm fumbling my way blindly across the room and toward the bathroom. Although many of them are adequate for their own purposes, our review revealed a lack of standardized, internationally (culturally) accepted tools that are epidemiologically validated in general populations and that can be used to investigate OSA and to assess OSP.

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