Jenna dewan and channing dating

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Jenna dewan and channing dating - indian and chinese dating

The pair aren't afraid to get real about things like how they maintain a healthy sex life in a long-term relationship.

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"You've got to figure out what you want, because I want to be in a relationship," she told Channing.

Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood, but how did they first get together?

In her recent sit-down with Ellen De Generes, the actress explained that her first night with her now-husband involved a lot of tequila, UGGs and not much additional clothing.

She recalled how the pair got together -- including the ultimatum she gave her now-husband that lead him to her doorstep in the wee hours of the morning.

According to Jenna, she wanted a relationship, but Channing was a bit of a commitment-phobe.

Apparently, Channing Tatum was a commitment-phobe, at least at first.

"I said, 'Well look, if you want to date other people and be free, that's totally fine.For example, if you told your partner, "If you want to be with me, I don't want you hanging out with your friends," that would be unhealthy because you're asserting power over your partner in an unfair way.Ultimatums aren't always manipulative like this, though, and they can be a healthy way to solve a conflict, Derhally says."If an ultimatum is made as a boundary to protect yourself and do what's best for yourself, then it's a good thing," Derhally says."If an ultimatum is being used as a tool of manipulation or is done as an empty threat, it's not a good thing," she says.A bad ultimatum would be something that's used to hold control or power over another person in a hurtful, manipulative, and disrespectful way, she says.dancers, he ended up on her doorstep at two o'clock in the morning, dressed in a sombrero, and well, not much else.

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