How to spot a player in dating

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How to spot a player in dating - radiocarbon dating controversy

He wants you to sit by the phone waiting for him to call or he wants you to sit dressed by the front door waiting for him to knock.

Take her advice and break up with the player who may have you in his grasp.Susan was told many times by her friends that her man made them feel uncomfortable with his constant sexual remarks, but she chose to ignore them because she thought they were jealous of her.But one woman in particular was a very good friend to her, she told her that her man had asked her to sleep with him and that he thought she was better looking than Susan.You will accept his lame excuses and you will stay quiet.Do not let this relationship go any further, you are going to get sucked deeper and deeper into a situation that is making you sad.You will not gain anything from sleeping with him but he will gain everything.

You will just be a number to him, another conquest he can notch up on his bed post.

Never think that you can change this player, you can't.

Once a player always a player, he will not know any other way to act. The bad times far out weigh the good, for your own sanity,you have to leave him.​He is flirtatious with your friends and at first you may have thought it was nice of him to be so friendly towards them.

Susan was heartbroken but because this friend was so true and dear to her she knew she wouldn't lie to her. He begged her to take him back; players do not like to lose.

It was hard for Susan to take it all in but she had guessed for a while that her man was a player and now her close friend had told her it was true. Susan did not take him back and looks back on her relationship with this man as an unhappy time.

He would have paid you attention when you first met him because he wanted you to fall for him. The signs are there, you just need to wake up and see them. My friend Sheila's advice for you is to be strong emotionally and step quickly away from this man. He tries to sweet talk you into his bed because a player cannot bear the thought that he can't get what he wants. He may be good looking, he may have a good personality, he may have a good body, but he is no good for you!

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