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She’s probably using a mysterious magic to protect them since she can’t actually fight Acnologia, being a ghost. The mysterious girl probably teleported them to a different dimension where they have remained in stasis for seven years and Romeo will find them because he needs their help to fight Zeref and protect Fairy Tail. Mavis is a female name, according to Wikipedia, and it would be fitting for Fairy Tail to be founded by a fairy.

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If you want to delete your account on Shpock, a website for classifieds and buyers & sellers, you will notice that there is no simple ‘delete account’ link. But if you want to close your account, you’ll find out that it’s not that easy.Other data will then be created as needed, and linked as necessary.Background Info Background story for the game, and the player characters.I couldn’t find an answer myself on their website, so I decided to contact the customer support team …Locanto is a very popular website for free classified ads. My theory is that she’s the spirit of Mavis Vermilion, the first master of Fairy Tail.

and log in by entering your username and password on their site.We all thought that this week’s chapter would have been about Makarov’s death and Fairy Tail’s sadness, but Mashima completely blew our minds with an unexpected plot twist: a time skip. It would have been a good idea if Makarov had died and if there had been some build up to it, but it was kinda random. The chapter started just like we expected: Makarov fell to Acnologia’s strength and was about to die. On this page they also explain that if you have videos, they’ll appear to be uploaded by Anonymous and your photos will be removed.You’ll be redirected to the homepage and a message will appear: Frustrated not being able to find a decent guide or pictures on how to close some of his online accounts, Johan decided to launch Everyone decides to focus their magic toward Fried and to join their powers by holding hands. Macao and the senior guild members could be leading the Guild during Makarov’s absence, or maybe Porlyusica became the leader.