Adult dating hunnewell kansas

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Adult dating hunnewell kansas

Jenkins then and there entered into, the latter executed his bond to the former for the balance of [] he acknowledged to be due and also a deed of trust to secure the payment of said debt with others, conveying certain property therein named to a trustee, a copy of which deed is herewith filed as a part of this answer.

Your respondents have been advised and submit that when the said Colley attained the age of 21 years and assumed the management of his own affairs, he had a perfect right to make any arrangement that secured good to him in relation to his Estate, even to bestow it as a bounty upon his Guardian, but that he could not bind your respondents by any arrangement which he chose to make, they never having undertaken for him, but the Guardian, and that their bond & liability inder it was wholly discharged when he had settled with his guardian []ed.Within three months William had died, and, on 18 February 1839, Elijah appeared before the clerk of the Clay County Court to prove the will.In this will, William directed that Virginian Lawrence Blanton be made the guardian of his daughter Catharine.conditioned according to law, with these respondents as his Securities, for his faithful performance of his duties as Guardian.Your respondents are unappraised of the amount of estate which came into the said Jos Jenkins hand as a Guardian of said Elijah W.From William’s will, it would appear that his wife Julia (Blanton) Colley was contemplating returning to Virginia with their daughter in the event of William’s death.

Perhaps Elijah too had second thoughts about staying in Missouri after his brother’s demise. In the will of Elijah’s grandfather William Colley, dated 9 March 1833 and proved 26 February 1844, Elijah – as well as his brother and sister – was bequeathed five dollars “and no other part of [] portion of my estate whatsoever.” Elijah, along with his sister Julia, Julia’s husband Joseph H.

And having fully answered he prays to be [] with his costs.

In the meantime, back in Missouri, on , Elijah was issued a patent for 160 acres of federal land in Platte County, in the northwest quarter of Section 8 of Township 52 North, Range 33 West.

Colley and consequently can neither admit nor deny any thing in relation thereto, but require strict proof before they shall be charged.

Your respondents further answering say that they have been informed and therefore charge that after the said complainant had attained the age of twenty one years, he applied for, and succeeded in obtaining a full settlement of the account of said Joseph Jenkins his Guardian, [] him on account of his transactions with the estate of his said ward, that upon said settlement, which sd complainant assented to as entirely correct, the said Jenkins exhibited a Considerable balance in his favour of Some Considerable amount as respondents have been informed, that the next question between the Guardian & the ward, now of full age, was how that balance should be settled, the said Guardian being then in possession of ample means to pay off and fully discharge said balance; that in consequence of an agreement between the said Complainant and said Jos.

It was some time before Jenkins and his securities were finally compelled to appear to answer the charge. Palmore and William Phaup, the securities, made the following declaration: The answer of Joseph S.