Social anxiety dating website

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Social anxiety dating website - Intimate sex dating

So what i have to ask, id prefer people who have it or dealt with you deal with it?

Don't wear caps down over your eyes when out, sunglasses cover the eyes and still allow you anonymity from others. Good luck and I wish you nothing but success in this new life challenge.I tried prescription drugs like paxil and zoloft but they didn't help me that I could tell and the side effects were bad and scary(mostly the sexual side effects).I suppose if I planned to become a monk and never have sex again then the side effects would not have been quite so bad.Go to the library and find books on interacting with others, Libraries are quiet and rarely crowded so you can start talking to the Librarian and then after awhile you will probably come to recognise people who go there at the same time as you and you can start talking to them.Don't think a 12 year way of communicating is going to change quickly, it takes time and practice to bring new behaviours into our life. A little tip for learning eye contact, read something in front of a mirror and look up as though you were reading it to someone else and were looking at them.Pay attention to yourself also ~ if you are planning to go out, make sure you are up for it ~ if not, don't go.

My friends know what my limits are and they repsect them.

I don't know exactly what's causing it(could be a number of different things).

I went through many years of therapy and nothing much seemed to help(except for relaxation techniques, basically meditation, one can do at home when you have some privacy).

You can overcome the anxiety simply by participating in groups that have public speaking as part of their programs, anything that will get you up in front of others to talk.

Examples are business network groups, Optimists, hobby clubs, book clubs, poetry readings, etc. I've seen in my groups people come in who would literally stutter, fail, resort to cue cards, but within a few months were up and running like pros. The only hard part is getting yourself into it the first time - look for a friend or business/work associate that can bring you to such a gathering, they are everywhere. I know that the groups and public speaking thing has helped many people overcome their anxiety, but it didn't help me.

You just need to be with someone who understands this disorder to assist you how to over come the anxiety.

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