Intimidating football facemasks

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Intimidating football facemasks

All boundary lines, goal lines, and marked lines are to be continuous lines.These, and any other specified markings, must be in white, and there shall be no exceptions without the authorization of the Commissioner. Care must be exercised in any end-zone marking or decoration or club identification at the 50-yard line that said marking or decorations do not in any way cause confusion as to delineation of goal lines, sidelines, and end lines.

The Field will be rimmed by a solid white border a minimum of 6 feet wide along the end lines and sidelines.

The lines parallel to sidelines are termed Inbound Lines.

The areas bounded by goal lines and lines parallel to, and 70 feet 9 inches inbounds, from each sideline, are known as the Side Zones.

In addition, two such pylons shall be placed on each end line (four in all).

All measurements are to be made from the inside edges of the line marking the boundary lines.

The Field includes the Field of Play and the End Zones.

The end lines and the sidelines are also termed Boundary Lines.In the plane of each end line there shall be a centrally placed horizontal crossbar 18 feet, 6 inches in length, the top face of which is 10 feet above the ground.The goal is the vertical plane extending indefinitely above the crossbar and between the lines indicated by the outer edges of the goal posts. The area bounded by goal lines and sidelines is known as the Field of Play. The lines at each end of the field are termed End Lines. Goal Lines shall be established in the field 10 yards from and parallel to each end line.The word “flagrant,” when used here to describe an action by a player, is meant to indicate that the degree of a violation of the rules—usually a personal foul or unnecessary roughness—is extremely objectionable, conspicuous, unnecessary, avoidable, or gratuitous. The 4-inch wide yard lines are to be extended 4 inches beyond the white 6-foot border along the sidelines.