Messianic jew dating

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The sect is part of the Evangelical Christian movement which does not differentiate between gentiles and Jews, and is not Jewish despite its misleading name.

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Among them you will find the famous dispute of Rabbi Yosef Albo (Disputation at Tortosa), and the Ramban’s dispute, in which the Jewish sages relate to all the claims of the Christians concerning the Trinity and prophecy.

As the sages say: "One who disqualifies, shows he has the same blemish." In our opinion, just knowing the facts about this sect and its principles of belief, are enough to protect one from falling in its net.

First fact: Messianic Jews believe that Yeshu / Yeshua was the Creator Himself, and not just a prophet with a Divine mission.

Jews for Jesus / Messianic Jews often hide their Christian identity, as well as their principles of belief.

They will talk mainly about the Bible, about prophecies and the Torah commandments, and they will only reveal their true beliefs to those who are deepening their commitment to the sect.

The only ones who will fall victim into this Christian missions’ net are those who are ignorant of their claims.

These Christian missionaries utilize their ignorance to falsely claim that "the rabbis hid" from the Jews important information about Jesus and the Bible.If this monstrous, ancient lie about Jewish sages were not enough, the Jewish apostates to this form of Christianity even present themselves as observant Jews who eat kosher and affix a mezuzah on their front door, and sometimes even wear tefillin too, as part of their effort to disguise their apostasy from the Torah.Messianic Jews will not tell you that they are not against assimilating with gentiles and intermarriage.“I didn’t know I was going insane…I had suicidal thoughts before, but this was the real deal.” One evening, as Andrew Klavan was sitting down to rewrite his failed novel, he decided right there to end his life as his wife and baby daughter slept in the next room.They will try to create an picture of menacing and lying rabbis reminiscent of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, while presenting themselves as individuals faithful to the literal meaning of the Bible.