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A kiss from Clara revives him, and he is changed back into his princely form and the Mouse King's spells undone, while Clara is revealed (unbeknownst to even herself) to be the true Sugar Plum Princess, being "kind, clever and brave".As they dance, the Mouse King steals Clara's locket encompassed with magic, and while he is destroyed, Clara disappears and awakes on her couch living room, the Nutcracker missing.

Barbie and her younger sister Kelly are practicing ballet for a recital, but Kelly wants to give up because she is unable to perform properly next to Barbie, who performs her moves perfectly.

Few seconds later a "time warp" tunnel is forming in front of the Shuttle. They learn that they are in the year 1959, and brings them around the city to have a look change. Merrishaw helps Barbie and the Rockers return to their time.

Then they see there are a lot of clocks going backward inside the tunnel, at the end of that, the Shuttle lands on a strange airport. Back in the present, they have a big concert, where Barbie is reunited with an adult Kim and introduced to her daughter Megan. In 2001, the first CGI-animated Barbie movie was released with Barbie in the Nutcracker, and it was tagged as Barbie's first ever movie.

Starting with Barbie and the Secret Door in 2014, Mattel used their new in-house film studio, Mattel Playground Productions to include Barbie films in its production without mentioning Rainmaker in the opening credits. Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World was created in 1987 by DIC Entertainment.

It was aired with Barbie and the Sensations: Rockin' Back to Earth as a two part mini-series, with each installment lasting for approximately 25 minutes.

To encourage her, Barbie tells the story based on the ETA Hoffman classic.

Barbie stars as Clara, a teenage girl who receives a mysterious but beautiful wooden Nutcracker for a Christmas present from her favourite aunt.

After the first great concert for peace in space, Barbie and her band The Rockers are going to come back home.

During the trip back to earth, on the space shuttle, they start to play a song.

Mattel auditioned 70 people to find the right voice for Barbie, and they eventually picked Kelly Sheridan (who has become Barbie's voice ever since).

Even though Sheridan was replaced by Chiara Zanni for the film Barbie: Mariposa, she returned for the rest of the Barbie films of the second generation.

However, although Rapunzel's hair was radiant, her life was far from such.

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