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It also keeps track of a number of other things including whether tax payments for your vehicle are up to date.To get registered in the RUNT system I needed to get a number and wait for my number to be called on a monitor. I provided my cedula and they scanned my fingerprints and took my photo and I was done – a very simple process.

According to the National Traffic Code in Colombia the requirements for having a Colombian drivers license include: A Colombian category A or B driver’s license is good for 10 years (or five years if aged 60 to 80, or one year if over 80). If you haven’t driven before you will need to take some classes.

After passing this written exam, the next step was to go for a required medical exam.

The school said I could go to a CRC in Sabaneta and it would take 15 days to receive my driver’s license.

A neighbor in Sabaneta went for his Colombian drivers license recently.

Note the above photo is courtesy of Colombia’s Ministerio de Transporte.

But if you have a visa and a cedula extranjería like I do, you reportedly cannot drive legally in Colombia with a driver’s license from another country.

According to three managers I talked to at Tránsito de Sabaneta, Tránsito de Medellín and Ministerio de Transporte, if you have a visa and cedula you need to get a Colombian drivers license to drive legally in Colombia. In our recent Medellín Living reader survey, we found the majority of expats living in Medellín do not have a car.After living in Medellín for over six years I finally decided to obtain a Colombian drivers license recently. The process sounded straightforward so I went to do it last week.While I don’t have a car I decided to get a Colombian drivers license. driver’s license expires next year and I can’t renew it, as I no longer have a residence in the U. But I can use a Colombian drivers license while in the U. Several readers in our Medellín Living Reader survey asked us to cover Colombian drivers licenses.After passing the exam, the driver’s school will upload a certificado de aptitudes en conducción into the RUNT system.The entire process at Autoescuela Educar and Tránsito de Sabaneta getting registered in the RUNT system, filling out paperwork and taking the written exam took me about 1.5 hours.I won’t cover the driving classes, as I didn’t have to take classes.

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