Why is steam validating my game files

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Why is steam validating my game files - auto dating indesign

09/09/2016 0044-0_rossi_response_to_mfj Rossi response to Darden Motion for Immediate Judgment on the Pleadings 09/15/2016 0045-0_darden_motion_to_amend_answer == 0045-1_exhibit Draft Second Amended Answer 09/15/2016 0046-0_darden_motion_for_time == 0046-1_draft_order 09/16/2016 0047-0_order_granting-45_-mooting-39-41-46 09/16/2016 0048-0 (no access) (listing kept for historical purpose, the transcript is now available, see the link immediately below.) TRANSCRIPT of Discovery Hearing held on 8/30/16 before Magistrate Judge John J. Release of Transcript Restriction set for 12/19/2016.

07/26/2016 0026-0_order_scheduling_mediation Order scheduling mediation for January 12, 2017.

07/28/2016 0027-0_motion_for_extension_of_time_to_file Moves extension to August 5, 2016 == 0027-1_proposed_order for judge to sign 07/29/2016 0028-0_order_extending_time_to_answer until August 5 08/05/2016 0029-0_answer Industrial Heat et al Answer.

OCR:29 == 0029-1_exhibit_1 Official critique of Rossi patent == 0029-2_exhibit_2 Official critique of Rossi patent == 0029-3_exhibit_3 Six Cylinder Unit photos == 0029-4_exhibit_4 Rossi blog posts August and September 2015 == 0029-5_exhibit_5 Queries from Murray to Penon == 0029-6_exhibit_6 list of patent applications == 0029-7_exhibit_7 Assignment of License from IH to IPH == 0029-8_exhibit_8 April 2013 Leonardo Certificate == 0029-9_exhibit_9 Rossi email re Validation Test and “Health Office.” == 0029-10_exhibit_10 … == 0029-16_exhibit_16 Rossi email July 05, 2014 re renting to JM in Florida == 0029-17_exhibit_17 Term Sheet for rental of 1 MW unit to JMC == 0029-18_exhibit_18 JM Products reports of power used == 0029-19_exhibit_19 Rossi email Jul 13, 2015 refusing access to IH engineer == 0029-20_exhibit_20 Original was a large pdf, this is a reduced size jpg of the Bass business card == 0029-21_exhibit_21 Fabiani emails (2016) 2/23, 4/6, and 4/14, replies of Joseph Murray, 4/26, 5/16 == 0029-22_exhibit_22 Cook and Rossi paper == 0029-23_exhibit_23 Jones Day (IH) letter to Annesser (Rossi) re patent assignment.

== 0029-26_exhibit_26 Summons Penon == 0029-27_exhibit_27 Summons Fabiani == 0029-28_exhibit_28 Summons Johnson == 0029-29_exhibit_29 Summons J. == 0030-26_exhibit_26 photos of warehouse and customer area 08/11/2016 0031-0, summons, superseded by document 32.

08/12/2016 0032-0_summons_usql == 0032-1_summons_penon == 0032-2_summons_johnson I have no idea why this PDF is so large.

10/14/2016 0066.0_Minute_Entry_Hearing_10-14 Re 54 Rossi Motion to Strike, and status conference, service of 3rd party complaint. Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Cecilia M. Products, Inc., Henry Johnson, United States Quantum Leap, LLC.

Altonaga: Motion Hearing held on 10/14/2016 re 54 MOTION to Strike 50 Answer to Complaint, Third Party Complaint, Counterclaim,,,,,,,,, in Part Second Amended Answer, Affirmative Defenses, Counterclaims, and Third Party Claims, or in the Alternative, MOTION for More Definite Statement filed by Leonardo Corporation, Andrea Rossi ; Status Conference re service of third-party complaint held on 10/14/2016. Responses due by 11/7/2016 10/25/2016 0070-0_rossi_hearing_notice_re_discovery Thursday, October 27, 2016 at p.m before Magistrate re Rossi requests for production and interrogatories == 0070.1_IH_response_to_1st_Rossi_interrog == 0070.2_IH_response_to_1st_Rossi_prod_req == 0070-3_ih_response_to_2nd_rossi_prod_request == 0070-4_vaughn_response_to_1st_rossi_interrog 10/27/2016 0071.0 Hearing Minute Entry hearing set up in document 70 before Magistrate 10/27/2016. PAPERLESS Minute Entry for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge John J. John Annesser and Ryan Chaiken/plaintiffs; Christopher Pace and Christopher Lomax/defendants.M Products, Inc., Henry Johnson, and United States Quantum Leap, LLC == 0036-1_waiver_of_service 08/25/2016 0037-0_hearing-notice hearing before Magistrate on 8/30 on plaintiff objection to 3rd party subpoenas 08/30/2016 0038-0 (not available) Minute Entry for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge John J. John Annesser, Ryan Chaiken and Porpoise Evans for plaintiff; Christopher Pace and Christopher Lomax for defendants and Francisco Leon De La Barra for third-party defendants.(Digital .) (cg1)PAPERLESS NOTICE of Hearing on 39 MOTION to Strike Affirmative Defenses MOTION for More Definite Statement: Motion Hearing set for 9/27/2016 AM in Miami Division before Judge Cecilia M. (ps1) 09/01/2016 0041-0_motion_to_dismiss_counterclaims Motion by Plaintiff (Rossi) to Dismiss IH Counterclaims 09/02/2016 0042-0_order_re_motion_to_quash Quashes subpoenas to T. Bank, Bank United, and Accountant James Travis and abates subpoena to T-Mobile four days to give Johnson time to provide information about James Bass. 37) 09/02/2016 0043-0_darden_motion_for_judgment Motion for immediate judgment on pleadings, Count 1.Transcript may be viewed at the court public terminal or purchased by contacting the Court Reporter/Transcriber before the deadline for Release of Transcript Restriction. 09/16/2016 0048.0_Hearing_transcript == 0048.1_Designation_access_form (only of transient interest, probably not now relevant) 09/16/2016 0049-0_darden_notice_of_withdrawal_of_Mf J Withdraws 43 Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings without prejudice 09/19/2016 0050-0_second_amended_answer (Industrial Heat et al) 50-1 to 50-26 not downloaded, presumed identical to 29-1 to 25, and 30-26.== 0050-27_exhibit_27 09/20/2016 0051-0 motion_re_substitution_of_rossi_counsel Removing Silver Law Group as counsel firm for Rossi == 0051-1_stipulation_re_rossi_counsel == 0051-2_draft_order_re_rossi_counsel 09/21/2016 0052-0_order_re_rossi_counsel Order substituting new firm for Silver Law Group (new counsel already appeared) 09/21/2016 0053-0_fabiani_attorney_appearance Rodolfo Nuñez, Esq == 0053-1_fabiani_waiver_of_service 09/23/2016 0054-0_rossi_motion_to_strike Plaintiff’s Motion to Strike in part Defendants’ Second Amended Answer, Affirmative Defenses, Counterclaims and Third Party Claims, or in the alternative, Motion for a More Definitive 09/26/2016 0055.0 (no document) PAPERLESS NOTICE of Hearing on 54 MOTION to Strike 50 Answer to Complaint, Third Party Complaint, Counterclaim, in Part Second Amended Answer, Affirmative Defenses, Counterclaims, and Third Party Claims, or in the Alternative, MOTION for More Definite Statement: Motion Hearing set for 10/14/2016 AM in Miami Division before Judge Cecilia M. (ps1)PAPERLESS NOTICE RESETTING Hearing: Status Conference, re: service of Third Party Complaint reset for 10/14/2016 AM in Miami Division before Judge Cecilia M. (ps1) (Entered: 10/05/2016) 10/10/2016 0059-0_ih_response_in_opposition_to_mts_ IH Argument re Rossi Motion to Strike aspects of IH Answer, affirmative defenses, and Counterclaims.the “independent professors” Ferrara report == 0029-11_exhibit_11 Agreement with USQL (Fabiani) == 0029-12_exhibit_12 Rossi email September 10, 2012 re Hydro Fusion == 0029-13_exhibit_13 Rossi email Mon, Sep 10, 2012 re European licensees == 0029-14_exhibit_14 Levi et al, Lugano paper == 0029-15_exhibit_15 Articles of Incorporation, J. 2/7/2016 == 0029-24_exhibit_24 Rossi blog posts Aug 18, 2015 – Sep 13, 2015 (duplicates Exhibit 4?

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