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Using the international definition of the inch as exactly 25.4 millimetres, one furlong is 201.168 metres.

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After the fall of the Roman Empire, medieval Europe continued with the Roman system, which the people proceeded to diversify, leading to serious complications in trade, taxation, etc.Older ratios are in use for surveying purposes in some states, leading to variations in the length of the furlong of about two parts per million, or 0.4 millimetres (​ (long).Dating back at least to early Anglo-Saxon times, it originally referred to the length of the furrow in one acre of a ploughed open field (a medieval communal field which was divided into strips).In the rest of the world, the furlong has very limited use, with the notable exception of horse racing in most English-speaking countries, including Canada and the United States.The distances for horse-racing in Australia were converted to metric in 1972; Ireland, Canada, and the United States, races are still given in miles and furlongs.In the United States, which defines the furlong, chain, rod, and link in terms of the U. survey foot of exactly ​ a furlong is approximately 201.1684 m long.

The United States does not formally define a "survey yard".

The acre went from 36,000 old square feet to 43,560 new square feet, or from 4,000 old square yards to 4,840 new square yards. For example, the King James Bible uses the term "furlong" in place of the Greek stadion, although more recent translations often use miles or kilometres in the main text and give the original numbers in footnotes.

In the Roman system, there were 625 feet to the stadium, eight stadia to the mile, and three miles to the league.

The definition of the rod went from 15 old feet to ​ new yards.

The furlong went from 600 old feet to 660 new feet, or from 200 old yards to 220 new yards.

For the third consecutive year, ye olde Myanmar map will be put to good use.

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