Adult dating in friendship new york

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Adult dating in friendship new york

At one point, Feldman said he would travel to downtown LA to purchase heroin from drug dealers and gang members.'I remember chasing after gangsters, cause I thought that I was tough,' he said.

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On the topic of Haim, Feldman said that his friend would be grateful for his current efforts, as he'd expressly asked him to tell his story shortly before his death, with a premonition his life would end soon.

In the chat, Feldman said that he was corrupted by an adult minder who introduced him to drugs, Los Angeles nightlife and a host of other adult activities from the time he was 15, with the intent to molest him.

Feldman said being molested by a trusted adult is 'the most confusing things to a kid's mind.'Feldman said that he was invited to a party thrown by the son of a famous casting director, in which child molesters and child performers were mixed on the guest list.'There was a group of pedophiles around all these kids,' Feldman said.

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The 46-year-old said that pedophilia remains the 'number one secret' in Hollywood, a mantra he will repeat 'until people stop ignoring him.' Revealing: Feldman sat down with Shaun Robinson for a chat in which topics included his friendship with Haim, his career and how he believes Hollywood remains plagued by child molesters in high places Feldman said that even in the current environment in show business - rocked with calls for reform the past three months amid a wave of sexual harassment and abuse allegations toward dozens of high-powered men - he 'absolutely' believes molestation remains epidemic amid show business movers and shakers.'Parents should be shaking,' Feldman said, adding that he's repeatedly refused to listen to any show business opportunities for his 13-year-old son, Zen.