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However, he was soon discovered by the guerillas led by Santana and was taken into their barrio.

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JUAN MARTINEZ Origin: American Guerrilla in the Philippines (Fritz Lang Film, 1950) Portrayed by: Juan Torena Juan Martinez is the wealthy Filipino husband of Jeanne (the film’s heroine), a Frenchwoman living in the Philippines.It later becomes evident that York’s inability to commit and his instinct for romantic cruelty derives from conflicting feelings about his foster mother, a former prostitute, who reveals to him that she is not his biological mother.Hoping to hold onto him, she refuses to divulge the identity of his birth mother.His ethnicity has varied throughout the run of the radio series which ranges from Japanese, Korean and Filipino.HIKARU SULU Origin: Star Trek (NBC TV Series, 1966) Portrayed by: George Takei Hikaru Sulu is of Japanese and Filipino heritage.The Americans assemble a small team of experts to train the local natives to defend themselves from Moro guerrillas terrorizing the island.

Among the natives is Lieutenant Yabo, a dedicated and diligent Filipino officer within the Philippine constabulary.*NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED* *NO POLITICAL/SOCIAL CRITICISM INTENDED* *THESE ARE PURELY MY OPINIONS/TAKES ON WORKS OF THE FOLLOWING MEDIA* Mabuhay!If you haven’t guessed what that meant, it’s a welcome greeting in Filipino.MIGUEL Origin: American Guerrilla in the Philippines (Fritz Lang Film, 1950) Portrayed by: Tommy Cook In April 1942 during World War II, a group of American soldiers led by Chuck Palmer (the film’s protagonist) takes refuge in Cebu after being assaulted by the Japanese planes. Douglas Macarthur ordered the American forces to surrender, Chuck and his group resolves to sail to Australia.However, the boat they used floundered and the crew was rescued by Miguel, a Leyte native who is member of the Filipino resistance against the Japanese.Lolita was immediately smitten by Larsen, prompting her to flirt with him and claim that she is part-American, saying that her surname is “Smith.” As their relationship grew, Lolita reveals that she was born in the barrio but had to travel to Manila working as a bar hostess so that she can earn money for her sick mother back home.