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The photo set was met with many mixed responses indeed.

In 1994, the family moved from Los Angeles to Nashville where Donna took time out from showbusiness to focus on painting but had recently returned to the recording studio.

Summer denied making the comments, but was the target of a boycott. During the disco era she burned up the charts: She was the only artist to have three consecutive double-LPs hit No. Her diverse sound helped her earn Grammy Awards in the dance, rock, R&B and inspirational categories.

Still, even as disco went out of fashion she remained a fixture in dance clubs, endlessly sampled and remixed into contemporary dance hits. Dionne Warwick said in a statement that she was sad to lose a great performer and ‘dear friend’.

‘I was really freaked out by the horrific experiences of that day,’ Summer, who was at her Manhattan apartment during the 2001 attacks, once said.

‘I couldn’t go out, I didn’t want to talk to anybody.

As well has staggering career highs, Summer also endured personal lows.

She suffered serious depression in the wake of September 11 terrorist attacks in New York.‘That heaviness was gone.’ Love to Love You Baby, with its erotic moans, was her first hit and one of the most scandalous songs of the polyester-and-platform-heel era.Unlike some other stars of disco who faded as the music became less popular, Summer was able to grow beyond it and later segued to a pop-rock sound.Dionne Warwick: ‘My heart goes out to her husband and her children. She had a daughter, Mimi, from a previous marriage.Prayers will be said to keep them strong.’ Beyonce Knowles: ‘RIP Donna Summer. ’ La Toya Jackson: ‘My condolence to #Donna Summer’s family & love ones. Story Credit: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Daily Mail via Peter Brooker / Rex Features Donna in the early 70s with her then-husband Helmut Sommer, from whom she took a version of her later name Summer, and their daughter Mimi.While starting her pageantry career, she met Leon Isaac Kennedy, who was a DJ and a struggling actor/writer. Motown’s Smokey Robinson served as best man at the wedding.