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We showered and climbed in bed for a short nap before our reservation.

Mary was a fantastic looking 44 year old, who looked maybe 30 years old at the time.She pretends not to notice, but she knows that she's hot.When we got to the room, about , the sun was setting and we had a great view from our 60th floor room.There were lots of people sitting on the train as a shelter from the storm.The men on the train were happy to see Mary, coming down the aisle soaking wet, but some of the women had a very disapproving stare. After arriving at the hotel, we were drier than before but still damp as we worked our way through the hotel to our room, however my wife was getting plenty of stares from people because her damp clothes were clinging to her tight little body.I was 50 at the time, tall and slender, but I don't look 40ish.

Mary and I had a great time all day in ATL, shopping, going to Stone Mountain and getting caught in a thunderstorm as we came down the mountain.

I noticed several of the young guys looking my wife up and down as she watched the skyline below her as the elevator rose to its destination. We were the last out of the elevator and the young men were in front of us as we waited for the hostess.

Several of the guys kept looking over their shoulder toward us, staring at Mary.

I wanted some of that sweet stuff and took my opportunity to enjoy it. She laughed that she wanted to make sure that I had plenty of mojo for later on tonight. I put on a suit and tie and waited for her to be ready.

When she came out of the bathroom, having put on her makeup and fussed with her hair, she was stunning. We made a great looking couple, but 90% her, only 10% me.

The WP is a 70 story hotel with a rotating restaurant the top, in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

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